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    Blowing Yet Again (still?)

    Make sure you save me a few sea lion staeks. I hear it help hair grow.
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    Maybe by next year the new place will be open. From what I was told the old one sits on school land and the kids were skipping school thru the aquarium.
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    we ate at a great place for the first time

    Down the road from red cross, steak and sea food. It was GREAT! Before Las Con.
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    what is up with all the not finished hotels

    We been driving around looking at places, and every where we go I see hotels not finished what is going on? Funding run out?
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    Military Cehck point hurting Rocky point

    I dont see anything, cop cars are driving single no fed. trucks it looks like normal RP. Fun times if the wind stops.
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    why would you post if its not true? Its only a little drive for a local to see. My kids wanted to see it again, now they cant wait to see the new place. Don't trust everything you read its not up to date.
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    did all the fishermen blow away in the wind?

    Time to get the boat in the water, a bunch of small boats out there.
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    If your talking about the one before Las Conchas. it is closed.been closed for a year or so. But I hear they are moving in town soon.
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    I do not think so, I think they didnt have enough people going to see it to keep it going.
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    is anyone fishing

    anyone fishing or see anyone fishing? Any catches? If not heck lie to me and tell me a fish story. I'm in fishing withdrawals. LOL:gofish:
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    What can you bring? What can't you bring?

    You know you start early and stop work early.
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    The Feds want your global income

    The only thing good I can say about the big D is you can buy a house for almost nothing.
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    Surfing the Las Conchas Break

    In the 3rd pic upper right side, is that a shark?
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    The beach

    Sounds like someone is butt hurt.