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    Charter to San Felipe.

    Anyone have any pictures of San Felipe???? I would like to see what its like. Please.
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    Lending to Mexicans?

    you think it will get that far, money to buy food. I haven't seen on the news that they are starving now.
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    Lending to Mexicans?

    Ukraine is looking for someone to lend them some more money.
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    your right old55 don't worry.
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    Emergency east of town?

    I don't think it's the same place. In RP.
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    Border Line

    RV's where going south..
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    Border Line

    Border was ok Friday, 3/4 mile. One lane into two and no one knew which to go into. Made it passed that and it was ok going in and coming back. Monday was Beter.
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    Border Line

    Kids are on fall break until next week. This is the last weekend for them.
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    Lukeville, Sonoyta crossing improvements?

    Yes You get one that you can wheel. And meet.
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    Check the bigger stores. than Seach around sandy beach stores.
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    More bodies on the beach

    Sell them to a news company.
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    Summer fishing

    Has anyone tried cut baits? Shrimp octopus mole crabs? Pompano rig?
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    Friday At 5 pm will give it a go.

    Lets see him in salt water??? Mexico will kick his butt.
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    Barb’s Dog Rescue trouble

    Happy to hear that...
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    You just have your paperwork. And go about your business. Leave it to the higher ups.