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    Super Hot in AZ...and not so hot in Rocky Point?

    Even with temp's getting to the 90's in Penasco, it's still not bad in June. QoK is spot on, it's the humidity that makes it bad. As we get the arrival of the Monsoon season in July-Sept, Penasco's humidity climbs making it a totally different experience, the Dew points hover around 70-80...
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    Fishing Las Conchas' side of Marua Estuary help in June

    Lot's of jumping fish in Cholla last month.
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    Joe unless you actually drive into the lot you can't see how many parked cars there are. I willing to bet $5 will keep many locals away. I won't go on Sat or Sun. It looks like a Gringo is running it so I don't think it will get out of control. We went to the Mi Playa beach a couple of times...
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    We crossed back into the US at noon today, there was a 20 min wait, 2 lanes were open. CBP agent took our passports scanned them and sent us on our way. Far left lane was making cars go thru the X-RAY Monster. We picked the right lane of course. We were supposed to go home on Tues, glad we...
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    Only finding 7oz pacifico returnable bottles. Pacifico lite in cans is available. Victoria and Corona seems plentiful. No Sol in bottles anywhere.
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    The drive from border to RP is perilous!

    LOL, the only one who don't speed are the delivery trucks or Mexican's driving older cars. Once cleared of Sonoyta, most US plated cars are going north of 75mph with many doing 85-100mph. Way too many trucks pulling toys or trailers have no business even trying to pass lines of cars, I've seen...
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    Last night's Lunar Eclipse

    When I saw this at 4:10ish AM, I knew I needed to take some pic's and I really wanted to go back to sleep. But I did the right thing.
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    I'm guessing this thread has gotten to this point about the reality of things. I have faith things things will be just fine. Why do people keep playing the same fear story as you know who, the one no longer a news story. , Back to the thread, The line coming into Sonoyta today was much...
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    We come down for 3 weeks at a time. We've never been asked for a visa. But nobody has stopped and asked us for one,
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    Hidden gems for good eats?

    I'm pretty sure this is the El Meson El Wappo is talking about, really good food, off the beaten track...
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    I use Google maps and make sure that the traffic feature is selected. It's seems to be accurate but I've checked the border coming in on Fri the 14th it showed 1/4 mile line when I was in Why and 25 minutes later there were 10 cars in front of us as we crossed south. So not perfect.
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    Raving LOL, Raving isn't part of my MO or my Portfolio. Just stating fact's that pertain to me, as well as some others, who have posted their IRA's are doing similarly well. Not fake. The current stock market run is great and the new political environment is definitely helping that to continue...
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    Last night's Lunar Eclipse

    Thx, I used my Panasonic FZ1000 bridge camera, 1" sensor at 200mm, 2-3 secs, f4, ISO 400. I cropped it about 20% in Photoshop. I wedged the camera against my column on my patio to keep it steady because I didn't bring my tripod and the wind was blowing 10 mph with gusts at 4:30am. My 1st few...
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    Last night's Lunar Eclipse

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    The Mexican Navy's ARM Cuauhtémoc is visiting Penasco

    This training ship arrived on Friday morning and is scheduled to leave late Sat, It's a big thing here this weekend.