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    Rod and Reel suggestions for grouper

    Joe, I bought some of that Kast King line a few years ago, 40 lb braid. It worked great until there was any kind of abrasion or lateral force on it. I lost 3- $15 lures and decided I couldn't afford to use it anymore. Contacted the manufacturer and they sent me another spool that did the same...
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    Rod and Reel suggestions for grouper

    I don't care for the level wind reels. Eventually it seems to get in the way and if you pay attention you never need it. If you're in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend heading down to Phoenix Fishing Supply on 16th St and Camelback. Great guys and they usually have some used gear on...
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    You always hear about the best eating fish in PP but i haven't heard about the ones that you are better left throwing back.

    Also, if I'm fishing during the heat of the day and don't have anywhere cool to put the fish, I'll bury it a foot or so down in the sand to keep it from baking in the sun.
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    You always hear about the best eating fish in PP but i haven't heard about the ones that you are better left throwing back.

    I'd recommend braided line with a fluoro leader on the surf rod. You'll be able to launch it further with good braided line. I use 30# braid and 20# fluoro, but I'm sure you could go a little lighter if you wanted. I fish 12# leader on my fly rod without any problems.
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    Shore fishing poll & commentary for best time of day and tide

    Shore fishing: evening, incoming tide Estuary: incoming tide regardless of time of day Deep sea: haven't noticed a difference. Flat water with a calm breeze is the most pleasant Full moon with high tide for night fishing And I think barometric pressure comes into play as much or more than some...
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    Fishing Las Conchas' side of Marua Estuary help in June

    Those fish jumping at the estuary are probably bonefish and they're not going to bite. I THINK they're spawning, but I'm no biologist. I've tried throwing everything I had at schools of them with no luck, but a lot of times you can find some corvina in the same area, you just have to time the...
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    Surf Fishing Basics

    I replied to your other post, but size 2 clousers, chartreuse/white during the day and black when it gets dark. I've had some of my best fishing down there with a headlamp on. Poppers are fun but not always as effective. It's more about finding the fish than what you're throwing.
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    March Fishing in Las Conchas with Kids

    Chartreuse/white #2 Clouser is will do the trick if you can find the fish. A black Clouser works great from sunset to dusk. Sometimes that's the best time to fish. Poppers are fun too if you find a bunch of corvina. Early morning and evening seem to be the best times for me, but that's not...
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    Surf Fishing Basics

    My spinning setup is a 10' surf rod, Penn Pursuit III, braided line with fluorocarbon leader. 1 oz kastmasters and krocodile spoons work well. I like using a Sabiki Rig with a krocodile spoon sometimes. Baitfishing I use a hi-lo rig with a 1.5-2 oz pyramid sinker. Squid is the best bait but a...
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    Question about when to kill the fish

    Audsley is right, kill them and bleed them right away while the heart is still pumping, then put them on ice as soon as possible. Most fish are only going to be alive for a few minutes once you get them out of the water anyways. The flopping after that is just muscle twitches. I had a trigger...
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    March Fishing in Las Conchas with Kids

    That Sabiki rig is perfect. Get everything you need before going except maybe the bait, but that's not even a guarantee. Squid can be hard to find sometimes but don't be afraid to cut up a fish. And be careful on the kayaks and paddleboards. The wind can pick up quickly and catch you off...
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    March Fishing in Las Conchas with Kids

    For bait fishing I like using a hi-lo rig with squid and a 2 oz weight. You won't be catching monsters, so a size 2 or 4 hook should be fine. Night fishing can be fun if the tide is in. I've caught smooth-hound sharks (I think), catfish, rays and bonefish at night. Sabiki rigs are a lot of fun...
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    I have a speargun that I leave down there but I don't bring it back and forth. Consistency is not a word I would use to describe Mexican law enforcement so I avoid the risk.
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    shore fishing this weekend

    I was catching corvina from shore about two weeks ago. I fished right around sunset until it was too dark to see using my fly rod and a black clouser minnow. I did that 3 nights in a row with only the last night being slow. You will know if the fish are active or not. They'll be jumping all over...
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    10-7-20 Report

    I know certain fish have their season, but the common catch seems to always be changing. Early this year it was Sierra, now it’s cochi. I didn’t catch many corvina for years but for the last year or so I’ve been able to go out and catch 10-15 in an evening with the right conditions. And the...