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    Border wait time

    While I might not have "Enough posts" like Brad, Ido take exception to sites being hi-jacked by political garbage. This was supposed to be a site for Border Wait times. May I suggest starting your own political agenda site. See who posts there! Mexico Joe I loved your pictures Noviembre to...
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    Toilet Paper

    Well shut the front door!!! When I read that Rocky Point had no problem with supplies of paper products, I was ready to trade Marybna 1 box of books for a six pack of TP. All shelves are empty here in Green Valley. Maybe I will ask The Old wise one (Snorin God, GV Jack). What happened? He...
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    Laguna Shores

    We stayed at Laguna Shores last March. Every thing was torn up. No clubhouse, no restaurant. No internet. The ocean was almost non-existent during our stay. We walked in water was all over the kitchen due to bad dishwasher. The toilet tank was improper and wobbly. Had people out twice to...
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    Another load of books

    I also live in Green Valley, but will do everything I can to find books at the White Elephant. We are headed to Rocky Point around the 6th of February. Just the two of us. Haven't done this for three years because of health. Usually go down in July, but that is with family and...
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    Another load of books

    My wife and I are planning to go to Rocky Point the 6th of February. I think I can pickup a couple boxes of books from the White Elephant. Are there any certain kind of books wanted. Also does hardback or paperback matter. I hope I can find the newspaper. Never been there.
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    Going to Puerto Penasco Weekend Before Christmas to Fish... Advice on Travel? Fly Fishing...

    Once crossing the border definitely crawl all the way through town. My last trip to Rocky Point a small police pick-up truck was just ahead of me, until he built up a good line behind him. He then ducked off the main street only to appear on a street right before the boot charity people. Too...
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    If we could create a filter from the brain to the mouth(or fingers), maybe we could separate and purify the sediments of hatred , hostility, derisiveness, antipathy, and resentment that are present in our country today.
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    Another load of books

    Have you ever asked the White Elephant for needed books. I volunteer there 4 days a week in the movies and music department . I see 10 to 15 boxes a day donated to us. There are a lot of books that are sent on because of space. They look for people that need books. As for me getting them to...
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    Road conditions in and to Penasco ???

    Thanks for the memories. As a former "Gandydancer" for a railroad, I have many photos stored away of floods that I worked in the Kansas/ Nebraska area.
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    Should we move this webpage to a Facebook group?

    I joined this forum almost 5 years ago. Never have been able to post until today. I have enjoyed reading the posts (good or bad) for many years even before I joined. One of my favorites has to be Green Valley Jack, as I am also from Green Valley. We have visited Rocky Point every year for 14...