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    Todays Gas Price Rise....and us because it's all about us

    That's crazy. I filled up a small can today for the quads in the morning across from Reggies. No line. I just came back from having dinner. Drove by 2 Pemex stations. No lines. The only one that had any traffic and looked like it may be under protest was La Estrella on Benito Juarez. Several...
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    New options to get to Penasco

    I went from active poster, to frequent lurker, to occasional lurker, and I am now at the point that I'm about ready to quit this forum completely as well. I guess that I must be one of those "boosters" because I sell Sonoran Resorts condos. Funny though, I know almost all of the Buyers and have...
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    Any condo owners here?

    Responding to the Sonoran Sun comment: Not true that owners can use any management company. They can use the onsite company (currently Seaside) or rent totally on their own. They are not allowed to use a different management company. Actually, also not true that the legal opinions favored one...
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    Sonoran Resorts August 2014 Newsletter
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    July 2014 Sonoran Resorts Newsletter
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    Las Vegas Night for Charity in Rocky Point on Saturday, July 5th!

    Come and join 200 friends for our 3rd Annual night of gambling, buffet dinner, drinks, and fun. Try your luck at blackjack, roulette, Texas holdem, spin the big prize wheel, and enter the raffles for over 80 great prizes. There will be wine tasting, tequila tasting, and a neck massage booth to...
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    Sonoran Resorts June 2014 Newsletter
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    Sonoran Resorts May 2014 Newsletter
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    Sonoran Resorts April 2014 Newsletter
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    Sonoran Resorts March 2014 Newsletter
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    Jim Ringquist - Sonoran Resorts - February 2014 Newsletter

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    Puerto Penasco Home Port
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    Puerto Penasco Home Port

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    Oxygen at the Border?

    My brother has come twice with his home dialysis machine and everything that goes along with it. Big suspicious looking case plus boxes of saline, etc. and they didn't have a problem with it. He did have a letter from the doctor on official stationary.
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    Sonoran Resorts December 2013 Newsletter

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