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    Peso Falling vs Dollar

    It appears some folks here don't understand what Mexico did with it's currency many years ago. The numbers became too big: a toaster was priced at 50,000 pesos, which was say USD 20.00. So, Mx brought out it's new MXN currency. You took your 50,000 peso note to the bank and got a new 500 peso...
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    Puerto Penasco shutting down. What have you heard?

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    Toilet Paper

    I finally figured out why there is a run on TP...every time one guy sneezes 100 guys mess their pants.
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    It's unfortunate this particular forum does not have anyone who has actually owned any property, or has real experience with LLC's and Bank Trusts. Hopefully some member on this forum can step up and give us reliable info...we all need dependable sources on a subject so important.
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    Lukeville Post office

    I just spoke with them in Lukeville. He said he has not been told anything by USPS.
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    Lukeville Post office

    How accurate is the rumor it is closing ? Is there any indication the date this will happen ?
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    Putting MX condo in family trust

    I would contact Pablo Davila at [email protected] at 011-52-638-383-3483 or his direct cell 011-52-638-380-5110. As a notary he can tell you the cost of the Mexican portion, and likely refer you to a good attorney in USA who can incorporate the LLC. He speaks very good English.
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    Putting MX condo in family trust

    Transferring to another name, or even adding a name, is treated as a sale, and all typical closing costs, including payment of capital gains, transfer tax, notary fees, appraisal costs, Bank trust costs, etc, are required. However, once in the name of an LLC selling can be easier because the new...
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    Astoria being retired

    It seems some folks don't understand much about the cruise industry. The folks who are running the 3 tours out of Penasco only lease the ship, and it appears their lease extends to late 2020. When they say they are retiring the ship does not mean the ship is going out of service.
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    That's the price, and it's as good as any we've bought outside Mexico.
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    Mannys Beach Club Improvements Needed

    I took my parents there today. The restrooms near the pool are deplorable...cabinet doors broken off the hinges, toilet paper non existent in the woman's, etc. Maybe if they upped their drink prices a bit closer to $10.00, up from $5.00 each, basic maintenance would become affordable. As for...
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    Sam's Club has a very nice Spanish champagne in a dark green bottle with large bold name of BRUT written in yellow, with yellow foil. It is quite dry and at 69 pesos, a true bargain.