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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    I have been in Penasco over 20 yrs. I really need to go down to Bella and do some work on my condo. A client told my husband that if you are over 65 you can't get into Penasco. I looked in the mirror and yes we are both over 65. Also I always bring my dog.. He was told the rules change daily.
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    So I guess this is not a good time for me to drive down to do some work at Bella.
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    Going back across the border 5/14/2020

    I do not think I will go down for awhile.
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    Another load of books

    The book store in Green Valley gave me another load of books yesterday to bring down. I need to come down before I head to Oregon.
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    Driving in a Mercedes to RP? Safety?

    I have been going to my place in Penasco for 30 yrs. Sometime I go alone. I have never felt threatened in any way. Yes I always come and go in day light. One time I had a flat tire outside of Penasco and some guys(no English) changed for me and would only take cans of cold pop.
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    Pickle Ball

    I printed this out and will put it in my condo. Thanks
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    Time capsule videos

    I really enjoyed that. I have only been there 20 years.
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    Thank you for his email and phone number.
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    My husband wants to call or email Jose Galvan. Any one have contact info?
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    Thank you
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    I need an attorney in Penasco. Six or seven years ago I got one that did nothing but take money. Has anyone ever got one that finished the job?. It is about a trust issue.
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    I have had a place there for 20 years. I have never felt unsafe there. I all those years I had everything happen--emergency room visit, dog illness, car problems, condo problems. Never once id I ever have any trouble getting help to fix whatever problem there was.
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    Encantame Towers Owners

    I have owned at SPA, Bella, and Las Palomas. All were finished and used but now I have gotten rid of all but one and will sell Bella and go to Havasu Getting too old for MX.
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    I am 73 and have owned in Penasco over 30 years. I feel very safe there. I have owned at Spa. Las Palomas and Bella. I do not drive from Tucson at night. I do not carry a gun in Mexico and I have a 10 lb yapper dog. A day will come when I will have to not drive down but I grew up in Hawaii...
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    I looked at those and thought they looked good for the price.