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  • Hi Rosie! - How's the heat down there? We were not going to come down unti October when it cools off, but Labor Day weekend is here and I'm starting to get an itch to come down anyway. Thinking maybe since we are on the beach, maybe not so bad???? Patrick and Joan
    Hi Rosy, I hear you're going to be in Tucson this week (listened to your show last Saturday while painting my garage in Miramar). We love Dan Maries, and I wrote him a year ago saying because he has honest reporting on Mexico/Penasco, we switched watching channel 9 to his channel 13. He was the only newscaster who investigated the claims of people being stopped at checkpoints, and if they didn't stop they were shot. All the other newscaster believed the BS from the consulate. Anyway, it would be great getting more Tucsonans in Penasco- we had fun at the concert last weekend, but it was mostly Phoenicians! Keep up the good work
    Heidi Maghran- aka Miramar
    PS- we need to get the Russ Bus going for the taco tour on the weekend of June 24-26th (our next trip down).
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