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    Encantame Towers Owners

    last time I was out there they were still driving pilings and cementing them in the ground. They must be 50 ft long. Quite a thing to watch. Also, they have built quite a road to the job site that parallels encanto road. Hauled a lot of dirt.
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    Thanksgiving storm

    Storm over Thanksgiving do any damage. Rains okay. How is the road to Playa Encanto.
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    Bodies Found

    Stuart, Please kill this thread so that we can get rid of this political garbage.
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    Bodies Found

    Let me decide who to kill.... Let me decide.
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    Miguel The WIFI guy

    His website is not .com. Also, his telephone number is 052-638-107-1298 last time I called him.
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    Group Activities

    Check Rocky Point Times, they list all kinds of organizations.
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    Hurricane Lorena coming to Penasco??

    Thanks Terry. Looks like a 2 day dry out.
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    Hurricane Lorena coming to Penasco??

    How did the Playa Encanto Road fare with the rains?
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    Hurricane Lorena coming to Penasco??

    Does that mean the Playa Encanto road will be washed out again?
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    Encantame Towers Owners

    Any body know where they are getting water or what they are doing for sewage disposal?
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    Bloody Mary mix

    Most OXXOs carry it
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    Found a great Panaderia

    Been there forever. Has 3 cats that are very friendly too. His empanadas de crema are also great.
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    Robberies are increasing now thanks to the Mayor of Puerto Penasco.

    Nope, just drive in. Not that they ever checked in the past.
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    Refrigerator in RP

    I bought a whole kitchen from Muebles Coloniales. Prices were fair and free delivery.
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    Looking for recommendations for rehab contractor

    Second Roberto's recommendation. Fernando is excellent.