My Stepfather bought a place in Cholla in 1954. He was located about 4 blocks west of what now is JJ's.They tell me that my first trip in 1959, I wasn't walking yet ! Great Memories of that little village, boating, fishing, and diving Pelican Point. Chasing the tide out SCROUNGING for crabs, clams, shells, and other treasures! My Father didn't care for the hard partying college kids or the dune buggy/dirt bikes buzzing around. (too busy) So he sold in about '71. We started taking fishing/diving trips to Santo Tomas and Puerto Lobos. Man the Pompano & Corvina really were great at Santo Tomas. Lobos is a marine life heaven. Weve been all the way down with SCUBA. In the early 70's it was Amazing. E hit San Carlos quite a bit in those days. I've been back probably 5 times. Usually renting in Las Conchas. The last time was in 99 to release my Stepfather's ashes into the sea of Cortez ! BUT I'm coming back in October '17 and am very excited to see the changes. I plan on relaxing on the beach, doing a little fishing. I worked 30 yrs (engineer) in the Maquilas (SD/Tij, El Paso/J-town, and Monterrey)so speak the lingo. So I decided to get on this Forum and get caught up. Thanks for accepting me ! Hasta Luego Borrego
Green Valley, AZ


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