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    Los Pavorreales Restaurante

    We frequent this place and it is great! Everyone so friendly and the food is excellent. It appears to be a favorite place for menudo as they have both white & red.
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    Islas Del Mar/Isla Conchilla Real Estate

    We had a house built out here and researched the development thoroughly.The lagoons have both an entrance and exit and are flushed and exchanged with every tide. There is no pumps. The development has the rights to its own water well, so we do not run out of water. Utilities are all USA...
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    Highway closed,

    Is open now
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    What's up with the Federales stopping everybody yesterday and searching the Vehicles.

    The USA does this often just before Canadian customs. Lot of times is for money. Could be the same here.
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    Manny's Beach Club

    So few people in summer? Last year most resorts were sold out every weekend. Even August was busy.
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    Travel Advisory??

    Drove here last night, no problems.
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    Sewer smell in bathroom

    We get that smell from our over flow drains in the condo floor when it has been windy. When we pour cup or two of water down drain, smell goes away.
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    Scorps on the beach

    Haven't got a blue light to check our grounds or beach, but have never seen one in our condo in 12 years nor any other owner say they have seen one. Now friends have them in house in las conchas.
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    Scorps on the beach

    Could you please keep them down your way ;)
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    Scorps on the beach

    We use this in Phoenix and works like a charm. We also sealed a/c vents and bathroom fan edges as we found that's were they came in from.
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    Well... I Finally Pulled The Trigger (School Me Please)

    We brought trailer across and Mexico border asked for title and registration on it.
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    Very bad dental experience in Rocky Point

    rhino...what was approx cost of implant? Thx
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    First place to eat in town

    It is ..especially Monday night burger night. Short rib tacos on tues are very good too. Tequila bar has 3 tacos and a beer for $5 on tues
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    First place to eat in town

    WildToucan, did you notice if Colin's serves Corona/Pacifico beer? I'm not a fan of how Tecate/DosXX has taken over most places Not sure on corona but I believe they do have Pacifico. The craft beers are supposed to be good.
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    First place to eat in town

    Colin's Cantina at the Princessa Resort is pretty consistently good...has a/c inside. Monday burger special is great as are the short rib tacos on Tuesday