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  1. Buffalo Marty

    Lending to Mexicans?

    After many years here & some difficult lessons learned, I have a golden rule about lending in Mexico: When someone asks you: "Can you lend me?" what your ears should *hear* is "Can you give me?" Only "lend" what you are prepared to never see again; since I adopted this policy I have never had...
  2. Buffalo Marty

    Lukeville, Sonoyta crossing improvements?

    That's always been my concern as well. In Nogales downtown they have the Sentri lane walled off by concrete barricades going back probably 400-500 feet. On most days its easy to access the entrance, but on the days when you *really* need it because the line is horrible it is an adventure to try...
  3. Buffalo Marty

    developers create a environmental disaster

    Keeping it all in the family I guess, LOL
  4. Buffalo Marty

    Turtle at the estuary

    I'm not 100% sure if still the case, but in the past I noticed photos would *only* upload if the size was under 100k (pretty damn small). There are various paint programs where you can save to a smaller file size without losing too much detail.
  5. Buffalo Marty

    Tijuana Flights!

    I have also heard that it is a very cool setup in the TJ airport- you can park on the US side of the border in CA, then walk across the border *directly* into the TJ airport. Then, as you say, you can fly to anywhere in Mexico *without* having to go through customs. If I lived in Southern...
  6. Buffalo Marty

    Tijuana Flights!

    For me its always been a Catch-22; the main reason that PP exists as a major tourist destination is precisely *because* it is drivable from AZ (and to a lesser extent from CA and other nearby areas). But the fact that it is easily drivable for tens of thousands of people is *also* the main...
  7. Buffalo Marty

    Santo Coyote at Encántame Towers

    I know Encántame has been a controversial topic on this forum (to say the least LOL) but we were down last weekend and my neighbor mentioned that the Santo Coyote restaurant was already open and that he and his wife had a nice dinner there during the week. We have been to the original Santo...
  8. Buffalo Marty

    New Resort? Sonoran Star?

    I thought the same thing. The new mayor claimed the project would not impact local access to the beach, but how could it not? Someone has to lose out- either the locals lose easy access to the beach, or the new condo owners will be battling with hundreds of locals littering the beach with tecate...
  9. Buffalo Marty

    New Resort? Sonoran Star?
  10. Buffalo Marty

    New Resort? Sonoran Star?

    Has anyone heard about this? It looks like a sign was put up somewhere around town? There is a website but it seems more like a placeholder for now...
  11. Buffalo Marty

    "Updated 09/03/2021"Looking for a new investment in Puerto Peñasco? Close areas became available for sale.

    This line almost made me spit out my lunch- "cartel cull" LMFAO Love him or hate him, no one can deny JJ has a way with words that will always make you raise an eyebrow or two...
  12. Buffalo Marty

    Lightweight dress pants

    Lemme know if you find a good tailor, I'm tall so get XL or 2XL Hawaiian shirts, but like to take them to a tailor to "slim" them down a little so they're not so billowy...
  13. Buffalo Marty

    Driving to Hermosillo from Penasco

    One note to add to Russ' comments, the toll just north of Hermosillo has been "taken over" by the public for what I think is going on 2 years now- same story with the tolls in Magdalena, Obregon and Navojoa. It would normally be like 80 pesos in Hermosillo, but currently there are usually just...
  14. Buffalo Marty

    Border Report 3/26/2021 4pm

    In the end, no “hard” checkpoints to check covid status or anything else, pretty much business as usual
  15. Buffalo Marty

    Border Report 3/26/2021 4pm

    Hit the border later than we wanted to friday afternoon, 3:37pm, waited 20 minutes to get to the Mexico stoplight, got the green and then the wave through by the Mexico Marines. Lots of Sonoyta police but didn’t see anyone pulled over, then an uneventful drive to PP, which is a good thing. There...
  16. Buffalo Marty

    New Mexico border restriction?

    Just received that update from the HOA. Fun times as always with conflicting info coming from all sides...
  17. Buffalo Marty

    New Mexico border restriction?

    Travel requirements remain the same for travel to Rocky Point over Easter UPDATED March 22nd, 2021 This is a clarification of the current status of travel to Rocky Point. In recent days, we have seen some conflicting information. We want to share current official rules set out by the...
  18. Buffalo Marty

    New Mexico border restriction?

    For what its worth, the HOA sent that out earlier today. Unclear if the info is from the local health department or from higher up...
  19. Buffalo Marty

    Mayan guards kicked us out of the estuary while we were fishing today.

    In the end, this all hinges on the meaning of the word "access". For example, the only way the public can "access" Sandy Beach (to my knowledge, please correct me if I am wrong) is via Playa Hermosa near Calle 13. Is this "access" sufficient, or should anyone have the right to enter Sandy Beach...