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    Vitamins and supplements

    I would guess Sams Club.
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    I never thought you, Jerry, would be pro-cheap labor by big business! Plus over 71k of the jobs created were government jobs -ouch! Big Brother is getting bigger!
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    Sure quiet here on the forum.

    RP Times pics look busy:
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    Sure quiet here on the forum.

    Which way- going to Penasco or coming to US?
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    Sure quiet here on the forum.

    I saw on a news report that because the border was closed, a lot of people booked Spring Break other places, so even now that we're open, it was too late for many people.
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    The House bill would have fixed it, but the Dems in the Senate said no.
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    Former Chief of Police in Sonoyta Fatally Shot.

    How incredibly sad, he tried to outrun them and ended up shot and partially burned. It sounds like he tried to fight corruption in Sonoyta.
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    More whales around than ever before.

    Whales have been coming to Penasco for years, but the Gray Whales in Baja are very friendly and come up to the boats to be pet.
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    Sure quiet here on the forum.

    We've been down several times over the past month. We now drive during the morning to get to Penasco, and leave around 4. Outside of Sonoyta, there are inspections from state police. We haven't seen any problems other than it's has been slow, both in town and at the Mayan.
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    Playa Mia Development

    Ardsley, I thought it was east of San Jorge also. Here's the location
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    Show of Force at the Old Bull Ring

    We passed the bull ring yesterday morning. There were about 10 police stopping cars before the ring
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    Gas Prices

    $2.99 in Three Points $3.89 Sells $3.89 Why $3.75 in Lukeville $16.50 pesos/dollar at border
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    Got my fix

    Where is this El Guapo?
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    Man dies after jumping from 4th floor at Encantame

    How sad this happened (about a month ago but didn't see posted here)
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    Jerry, how do you know what the bill says when it hasn't been released?
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    Wow Corndog- we did the same thing in 1975/1976. Fun times but a bit dangerous hiking down after having "just a few drinks" on top of the mountain.
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    EEBMike Weather site

    Road is clear now, just potholes.
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    We have no idea what was/is in the bill, but the rumor is it allows 8k illegals a day, which is unsustainable.
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    Gun Battle in Sonoyta?

    Yes, the road about 2 miles before the Miramar turn off is terrible. My husband went through Nogales when Lukeville was closed, and said the road immediately after the Mayan was bad also. I can't believe our property taxes have increased, and yet, the Mayor won't do anything about the road...
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    Considering cancelling my future plans to visit.

    I did see this: "At least 12 dead in suspected attempt to rescue son of Mexican cartel hitman Reuters Sun, January 21, 2024 at 5:00 PM MST·1 min read MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - At least 12 suspected criminals were killed on a highway near Hermosillo in the northern Mexican state of Sonora, a state...