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  1. Roberto

    UBER in Penasco??

    Is that 30 pesos per person? Many businesses that do not have inventory are attractive. You get t make up your numers.
  2. Roberto

    Buying a Car how easy

    Think there is some higher level of Immigration status than Tourist VIsa to get a Mex DL and purchase a Mex car;
  3. Roberto

    Putting MX condo in family trust

    Matter of simple curiosity, what did you have to do??
  4. Roberto

    Buying a Car how easy

    Might be cheaper all around and easier to buy a vehicle in the US and just import it as a National vehicle.
  5. Roberto

    Traveling from Lukeville to RP.

    I am pretty sure there is no direct commercial bus, other than the aforementioned van transport, directly between Sonoita and Penasco. You can get a commercial bus from Sonoita to Caborca, switch busses (and maybe bus lines ) there, after a wait then get an Albatross commercial bus to Penasco...
  6. Roberto

    Sonoyta exit improvements

    I think this depends on how a Law is written, what it encompasses. If a law says it is a violation to ignore 'official' public signs then seems ignoring the sign is a violation of law. Sort of like its illegal to refuse to obey a law enforcement person.
  7. Roberto

    Putting MX condo in family trust

    Not sure what you would accomplish Putting your Fideicommisso in a US trust. When you first got your Fidecomisso you named beneficiaries of the trust. It's a normal part of the process. If you pass on to the great divide those beneficiaries own the trust and the property. You can always change...
  8. Roberto

    Putting MX condo in family trust

    Remember you are putting your Fideicommissa ( Mex. Bank Trust) in the Family trust (assumedly a US Trust). A Ttrust in a trust. There are named beneficiaries in a Fideicommissa. Not sure how that works. Meet with a Notario for answer. I'm sure it is possible. If it is viewed as a sale you will...
  9. Roberto

    UBER in Penasco??

    Do you think that applies to everyone or only tourists?? It's a big issue here because many do not own a vehicle and are depending on Taxis or Shanks Mare. A boycott is simply not feasible for locals. I don't think the locals put up with much bull from taxi drivers. Unfamiliar non residents...
  10. Roberto


    Another pear bit the dust !!!
  11. Roberto

    UBER in Penasco??

    Stepped out of a local hardware store and there was parked a small car with UBER in the rear window. A woman was standing by smiling at me and looking proud. Anyone know if there is UBER in Penasco. the Taxi union will go ballistic if so.
  12. Roberto

    All About Wood Fences

    Well the guy is a troll but it's true that wood is not often considered for many possible applications here. In reality for me wood is a better alternative for some applications than any thing made of metal and even some plastics. Here on the coast I mean. It requires some maintenance of...
  13. Roberto

    Electricity Costs

    I have been a proponent of alternative energy for most of my life. Besides the cost, solar generation of electricity in a home seems to result in a general attitude of "hey why conserve, I've got free solar". This not true of course where the remoteness of a home requires solar cause there is...
  14. Roberto

    GoPro accesories, where to buy while in Rocky Point

    You are prolly out of luck. I know of no other stores possible here. Maybe someone else knows .
  15. Roberto

    Encantame Towers Owners

    SSE Sez: "They are planning to do desalination." Sounds like a wish and a hope. I hope they have their permits in hand already. Any prospective buyer should clarify this issue with the government.. They will need water to build. This is not easy to do here. I hope they do not take water form...
  16. Roberto

    Sonoyta Immigration Office Hours

    Last I knew it was opened when the border opened and likewise closed with closing of the border.
  17. Roberto

    A History of the Border and Treaties

    1810 to 2010...For those who are interested in the somewhat complicated history of US/Mexican relations. Lots of interesting stuff to learn.
  18. Roberto

    Encantame Towers Owners

    Just got off the phone with uncle Warren up in Omaha. Wanted some advice on what to do with the Dubai sale money. I sent him the stuff on this development. I asked him if he thought it was a good investment and he laughed so hard he dropped the phone. He then said "Better if people just send me...
  19. Roberto

    New Mexican restaurants

    That's from the state of New Mexico not new restaurants in Mexico. Found 2 recently promoting their New Mexican Food. Lived in NM for some 30 years and do miss the best variant of Mexican food made so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately had two large disappointments. One guy denied it was New...
  20. Roberto

    Encantame Towers Owners

    On some reflection SSE smells more like someone trying to damage the project. Maybe he is a competitor, there are lots of unsold condos in town competing for dollars. Does anyone frequent Face Book ? If so is he performing there as well. Has a much wider audience there.