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    Protests on the border?

    Hey guys, we are headed down for the weekend want to know if there are protesters blocking the road. Is there an up to date place to check the local conditions on social media?
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    Internet speed

    I know this topic has come up before but it was never resolved. We have Telmex at the house in Las Conchas. It is slow and sporadic...are there any other options available?
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    How are they this time of year? Do they "burn" off in the heat?
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    Anyone know where to get SOL in town?

    Please let me know as we can find any...
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    Coming down today

    We have a truckload of supplies and canned goods. Are they stopping more vehicles today than usual? If they stop me, will they just fine me if I'm bringing something like food that isn't allowed? Thanks for the help, Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Builders in Penasco

    Does anyone know of a reputable Architect/builder that has recent work that can be examined? Is there a going rate per sq. ft? I would imagine that labor is pretty cheap right now...
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    Anything cool going on this weekend?

    I'll be down with some friends and we are looking for stuff to Mannys open yet?
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    Fans of Rocky Point

    Does anyone know why Kelly cancelled this event and group? On her FB page, it says there was some threats...
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    Person killed visiting from Juarez?

    I read about this incident on RPNO and wondered if anyone has any info about it? Why would the Jeep guys target a guy visiting? Just wondering...