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  1. Estero

    The Panga Fishermen revolt is begining

    Got em. Unfortunately, somebody has probably already stepped in and taken his place. El Parra, the main totoaba poacher in San Felipe, caught It was only a matter of time. State police were on the heels of...
  2. Estero

    Fire Coral?

    Probably siphonophores. When I was studying the Sea of Cortez at the U of A we learned about these first hand. They look kinda like long almost invisible string with little white cotton looking things. Currents and wind at the surface break them apart very easily so you end up with a bunch of...
  3. Estero

    Federales still checking cars heading north

    No check points in TJ or San Luis or Mexicali when going North. The checkpoint at El Doctor just North of El Golfo has always been there and one Sunday I got stuck in a 2+ hour wait so I try and avoid traveling back on Sundays if I can.
  4. Estero


    My buddy who is a San Diego lifeguard keeps a razor and a synthetic chamois with the AED on the truck. They will move the person to dry sand or on the backboard and then dry the area quickly before the pads are placed. Often the person is still in their wetsuit and they just cut the chest area...
  5. Estero

    tankless water heaters

    Here you go 18 Liter 5GPM. The unit has a 1/2 inch water inlet and exit so you'll need hoses that have 3/4 on one end and 1/2 on the other. Unless your current hoses are 1/2 on both ends but I doubt they are. For the propane feed you'll need a 1/4 to 1/2 adaptor which you can see on the left...
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    Yeah I saw that, very close call.
  7. Estero

    Understanding the 2018 Mexican Election

    Leading up to the election I had many interesting conversations with many people in Tijuana. In about every case a business owner was not going to be voting for him and Maquila workers were going to vote for him. Most were very also uninformed about the current situation in Venezuela and of...
  8. Estero

    tankless water heaters

    I recently bought 2 Chinese units off Ebay for $149.00 each and have one installed here in Tijuana and will install the other in Penasco in September. The Ebay seller had sold over 1,000 of these units. So far it has been great, plenty of hot water and have used only 1 bar-b-que sized propane...
  9. Estero


    I saw that post and she did all she could, sad situation. What even sucks more is that there is an AED at the Encanto guard house that could have maybe helped and it sounds like it was not employed or brought on scene. Maybe it hasn't been maintained and would not have worked. Who knows? Our...
  10. Estero

    Drinking and Driving Crackdown

    Uber was tried in RP but sadly the individuals that I know were very sternly warned that it was a bad idea for them and their family. I use Uber in Tijuana every week and it is great, usually a 2 to 5 minute wait and I am on my way in a much nicer vehicle than a beat up Taxi Libre and for much...
  11. Estero

    DirecTV Wifi

    You could put a Cloakbox router in your rental For next 30 days, use adjustment code ROUTER during checkout for an extra 10% off CloakBox or CloakBox Pro.
  12. Estero

    DirecTV Wifi

    If you have an android device download and stream about any damn thing you want in real time or record with a built in dvr.
  13. Estero

    Santo Tomas pictures

    Sweet moat! But why?
  14. Estero

    Encanto Internet Services

    Give the free app a try on any android device. Pretty much any channel, show, movie, etc is on the app and it works perfect. You can also cast the video from the android device to a TV using a chromecast. I have more available channels using this app then I do on my Cox...
  15. Estero

    The Last Vaquita?

    32 Totoaba found dead in a net by San Felipe.
  16. Estero

    It's time to be afraid

    Nothing more than the Aduana in Sonoyta checking cars and finding stuff and requesting taxes be paid on real or imaginary things. The pay this on the spot with no receipt probably means the boss was on vacation for Semana Santa and the concept of get yours while the gettin is good was in play.
  17. Estero

    Hey! It's Roberto's birthday!

    Happy Birthday Roberto! :drink:
  18. Estero

    Maintence help on encanto beach

    Sure. Us! What work do you need done? :ohyeah:
  19. Estero

    Encanto Internet Services

    All the bronze plans state up to 12 Mbps but we are seeing an average of 19 for the bronze plans. The 40Mbps plan was the gold plan. All the plans seem to be getting about 10Mbps faster than the stated 12/25/30 Mbps speeds. You can email me at [email protected] and then we can jump on a...