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  1. mondone

    Sea wall damage in LC

    Yes, and those in Estero Morua are still hauling in boulders for breakfronts at their waterline this week in spite of the Federal zone officials warning them not to. They too caused other homes damage last week to those who did not have any artificial breakfronts in front.
  2. mondone

    Miguel The WIFI guy

    I agree in all aspects but have been paying him month to month only because of past experiences with his predecessors vanishing and leaving me hanging. :mad:
  3. mondone

    Sea wall damage in LC

    Actually a combo of both, winds with a 17.1 new moon tide made it what is was. My tide line in Encanto is highest its ever been from it. Thank God it wasn't a 19+ high tide with that wind.
  4. mondone

    Hey all we just got down

    Wind just started getting nice today for fishing and looks like this coming week will be good. Yesterday I caught a nice orange mouth and a halibut incoming tide at Morua, then weather changed and winds kicked up enough to kill any further bites.
  5. mondone


    It's true, but I have not heard what's happening with the business yet.
  6. mondone

    Miguel The WIFI guy

    Neither .com or .net works. Not sure what's up with Miguel. Couple months ago I made my usual payment via Paypal as always and the next day I was credited the payment with a follow-up e-mail from him saying he was having an issue with Paypal and not to make a payment via them. I e-mailed him...
  7. mondone

    Bodies Found

    Been here at the beach since Saturday morning and there is little to no concern by the locals here. Bigger story in the States apparently.
  8. mondone

    Where were the bodies found ?

    Alongside the road to second osteria heading to Caborca
  9. mondone

    Do you bring meat across border?

    My go to place also!
  10. mondone

    Polaris RZR mechanic

    Doug at SDS Auto on Fremont
  11. mondone

    Remax Changeover

    Been in this situation with Remax and HSBC for over 2 years and I'm NOT happy! I have wanted to list my place and have my hands tied waiting for longer than I care to think about.
  12. mondone

    Port ready yet?

    They will be using the Convention center as the cruise terminal so they say.
  13. mondone

    Encantame Towers, Playa Encanto

  14. mondone

    Bloody Mary mix

    Super Ley actually had a load of lemons 2 weeks ago
  15. mondone

    Las Conchas Guard Casita History

    Encanto next.
  16. mondone

    Refrigerator in RP

    We purchased a stainless steel GE Profile bottom freezer unit from Muebles Coloniales about 3 years ago and LOVE it!
  17. mondone

    Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???

    Las Palomas relaunches Phase 3
  18. mondone

    Buying a Car how easy

    You will only need a Mexican plated vehicle as a perm. resident if you wish to drive outside of the hassle-free zone.
  19. mondone


    Got a bunch from Fruteria Sinaloa and they were fabulous last night.
  20. mondone

    Border Patrol Agents Treat Multiple Critically Injured Patients on State Route 85