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  1. tyler

    Map of Rocky Point Interests

    Handy map which shows a bunch of places
  2. tyler

    When owning a condo in Rocky Point, who do you pay taxes on income to?

    Do you pay Mexico and US taxes? If so, what percentage do you pay to Mexico?
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    All, Over the next 2 weeks, I'll be doing some upgrades to the forum, while I'm breaking things, the forum will be down, or missing things - please go outside and breathe some fresh air while I'm doing this. We've had a ton of subscribers since we introduced that option 2 days ago which...
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    Please do me a favor and don't bring politics into this forum. This country has gone to shit because of politics the past few years, the last thing I want to see is it being brought here. We will never all agree on politics and you will never convince another person who thinks differently to...
  5. tyler

    Does anyone use the 'Chat' feature?

    The little 'Who's Online' bottom right - does this get used? I'd like to get rid of it unless it's being used a lot.
  6. tyler

    Join our facebook group!

    In an effort to get more exposure to our community, we've created a facebook group. If you use facebook, please join it and help us grow our facebook community as well!
  7. tyler

    Should we move this webpage to a Facebook group?

    Forums are fairly outdated in this crazy technology world we live in. Most communication groups are moving towards Facebook groups now. Please take this thread to let us know if you have/use facebook so we can get a better idea if this is a good move for us.
  8. tyler

    How busy is it on the RP Triathlon weekend?

    I just realized we booked our RP trip for the last weekend in September which is when they have the triathlon... at our hotel even... How busy does it get down there? I don't know how many people show up for the tri, but I assume it'll be much busier than normal.
  9. tyler

    How's the weather in the end of September?

    Still humid? Coming down 09/29
  10. tyler

    Map of "important places"?

    After about 9 years, I'm going down to rocky point again! Ironic since I own this website... Anyways - is there a map of all the important places, such as shopping, groceries, restaurants, etc? I forgot where everything is....
  11. tyler

    Aww, look at that logo!

    That's some fancy pants right there. :D
  12. tyler

    Got blocked recently?

    There was an issue with the site blocking people it shouldn't have. This has been fixed. Sorry about that.
  13. tyler

    Site Maintenance

    I will be doing some maintenance to the server this forum is hosted on tonight and tomorrow. During this time, the forum will be unavailable. Sorry about that.
  14. tyler

    Best weather website?

    I'm adding the weather to our forum, but I've noticed a lot of them have no data or produce fake data (one said it's 50 degrees right now!) What do you guys use for your weather source?
  15. tyler

    New Forum Software

    We upgraded our forum software as the old one was quite old. Please let us know if you run into any problems with it, we'll be tweaking it over the next few weeks.
  16. tyler

    Few changes to the forum

    I got rid of the 'Thanks' button and replaced it with a 'Like' button. It has more of the Facebook feel and felt it went better.... You like a post, Thank was good for things like saying Happy Birthday, but really didn't make sense when you liked a post and had to click 'Thanks'... so...
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  18. tyler

    Dead body found in plastic bag near LukeVille
  19. tyler

    Camel Toe is famous!

    I'm listening to John Jay and Rich (104.7) and someone called up and was talking about a club in RP called "Camel Toe". That's awesome!
  20. tyler

    Merry Christmas

    From my family to yours, Merry Christmas to all. Have a safe and wonderful Holiday season.