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  1. Roberto

    WIND !!!!!!!

    Blasting out of the south today. Palms are doing the hully gully big time. NOT a day to be fishin from a boat. If we had a full moon the sea walls would be shakin. Guy up the beach that lost his sea wall may be getting hit hard today.
  2. Roberto

    Thunder and lightning today

    In a display of the capriciousness of the weather, yesterday marvelours. Today rain, thunder and lightening. One big blast shook the windows of the casita and scared the crap out of me. Nice rain so the roads will be gumbo most likely. Storm came right up from the south. Blue skies bordered...
  3. Roberto

    Beautiful Sea Today

    Today should have been a perfect day for boat fishing. The sea was calm, slightly cloudy, warm not hot, breeze out of the west. A perfect November day on the sea of Cortez for any activity.
  4. Roberto

    Ocean view Las Conchas $30,000

    Good selection of large Ocean View lots. All with beach access nearby ready to build. 1 @$29,900 3 @ $30,000 1 @ $34,900 9 @$35,000 Total 20 lots under $50K Under Trust or Title. Utilities at the lot line. Choose one today. Send me a PM for more information or a showing.
  5. Roberto

    Huge heist of gold on Caborca Sonoyta highway
  6. Roberto

    Huge sewage spill

    As of last night the intersection of Fremont and Josefa was closed. The streets and the huge 10 acre field behind Bryans was completely flooded! Hard to imagine where all that sewage came from in such a short time. Pump must have failed somewhere. That field was estuary until a developer tried...
  7. Roberto

    Sea wall damage in LC

    Sec 5 and 9 got hit hard with the wind and high tide over the weekend. . House in 9 lost the seawall, a swimming pool beachside and looks like the house is gone too !!
  8. Roberto

    Las C Fiber Optic installed

    Done yesterday. Got 49 down and 48 up. that is at the lower level.
  9. Roberto

    Police in Las Conchas??

    Anyone have any idea why there were 4 Police trucks and 8 officers gathered around in front of the Las Conchas HOA office yesterday afternoon???
  10. Roberto

    Remax Changeover

    Grant sr. sent out a message to his clientele announcing that he had sold the business and is retiring. Son Brendon is staying on for the changeover. The buyer is a newbie to Penasco. For his sake, I hope he is familiar with the way things go in Mexico !!
  11. Roberto

    Tel Mex Infinitum Fiber Optic in Las conchas NOW

    Several smaller packages but the top is 1000 pesos , 200 Megs. Includes phone with worldwide calling. Lots more. Fiber Optic lines are installed in the streets now. They are ready to install in homes. Bye bye noisy copper cables. Bye bye rip off Internet providers with ugly towers...
  12. Roberto

    UBER in Penasco??

    Stepped out of a local hardware store and there was parked a small car with UBER in the rear window. A woman was standing by smiling at me and looking proud. Anyone know if there is UBER in Penasco. the Taxi union will go ballistic if so.
  13. Roberto

    A History of the Border and Treaties

    1810 to 2010...For those who are interested in the somewhat complicated history of US/Mexican relations. Lots of interesting stuff to learn.
  14. Roberto

    New Mexican restaurants

    That's from the state of New Mexico not new restaurants in Mexico. Found 2 recently promoting their New Mexican Food. Lived in NM for some 30 years and do miss the best variant of Mexican food made so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately had two large disappointments. One guy denied it was New...
  15. Roberto


    Not usually bothered by the little mice here till they are looking for a nesting site in the fall, but recently I , and others , have had fall like activity. These mice are real tiny . The size of a finger. The feces looks like the droppings left by cucarachas so it is hard to spot. They are...
  16. Roberto

    a Las conchas robber from the US has been caught

    Street talk, fueled by local Facebook chatter reports a man has been arrested for robbery break-ins . Reports have it that he is a US guy working in the areas that had break in's .
  17. Roberto

    Very comprehensive map of Roads in Sonora.

    Takes a while to load but you will be surprised at the detail. file:///E:/sonora-road-map.pdf
  18. Roberto

    Explosions in Las conchas

    Anyone know about the 6 or 8 explosions in Sec 5 around 9 or 10 last night? No they were not ordinary fireworks. Maybe dynamite. Yes that loud. I think they were part of a big party nearby where I live. they shook the windows and the gate at my place.
  19. Roberto

    Think this would work for the totaba and Viguita as well?

  20. Roberto

    Wi Fi speeds??

    What Wi Fi speed are you getting and who is your provider?? In Unconscious I get 1 to 5 from Infinitum and 2 to 7 sometimes 10 from ViaSat. Neighbor has a set up that we measured at 600 !! Saw it myself. There are several providers with speed quotes all over the range but invariably measure...