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    Translated Press Release and bullet points

    Situation under control in Rocky Point Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta: Authorities acted according to security protocol HERMOSILLO, SON; 18 DICEMBER 2013.- Rocky Point Mayor Professor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta has informed that the situation is calm after a confrontation between Mexican...
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    The trip to Ensenada (or: Carlos Santana and Stevie Wonder to race in Sonora 1000)

    was a huge success. There is some distortion and exaggeration in the following accounts, but I guess it's no longer a secret. I've translated the one article for your convenience. There's no reason to think Baja is losing races. However the meeting with Mr Norman went better than we could've...
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    I need to rent a condo in Las Palomas for over July 4th

    Hi guys, just putting this out there because you guys are full of...well...hmm...mostly good ideas. I have a daughter, age 43, that I've not seen for about 20 yrs. I've never met my grandchildren, ages 19 & 16. Here's the good news: They're coming to Peñasco and will be here from July 3-8. As...
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    Colostomy bags desperately needed in Peñasco

    Hi everyone, once more I come asking for help with something special. There is a 50-yr old woman in Peñasco who can no longer afford colostomy bags. I don't know what they cost in the States, but here they run almost $100 usd for a box of 5. She uses one per day. I know great things happen when...
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    Cha Cha's- loved it

    Cha Cha's was a great experience and I'm sure I'll be back often. The owners, staff, atmosphere and food were great. Friendly people, I hope they do well.
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    Penasco Tourism Coordinator to interview on Rocky Point Ramblings Jan 19th

    As Russ said in another thread, things are getting real interesting around here, and there are many current and future projects in the works. Everyone interested in status reports for hearing the latest official word on the status of the various projects in this city should listen to Rocky...
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    Aw Crap! I need how-to help with my iPhone...anyone know this stuff?

    Sorry guys, I'm so upset that I don't even know where I was supposed to post this. I desperately need someone who knows iPhones to help me. Here's my problem: I got a pop-up window on my phone that asked me a question about my Facebook contacts. Without meaning to, and certainly without...
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    DIF planning annual Black & White Ball- tickets available

    Rumor has it some of you might be interested in attending the city's 36th annual Black & White Ball. This is DIF's biggest fundraiser of the year and always a packed house, drawing over 650 people. This year the B&W will be held on Nov. 24th (Saturday after Thanksgiving) at the Quinta Ventura...
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    Another Diver Dies

    Puerto Peñasco, Sonora 03September 2012 38-yr old Gregorio Anguamea Jiménez lost his life at about 14:00 hours Sunday after sufferingdecompression while diving in the Sea of Cortez in the area known as La Pinta. The victim was harvesting scallopsand upon surfacing experienced difficulty...
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    To ALL HOA Members and Board Members

    When is the last time your HOA gathered comparison quotes before renewing the Common Area or D & O insurance? Probably never. This isn't a ploy to sell more insurance, nor is it a plea for sales. Without knowing what your current coverage is and what you're paying, I couldn't presume to say that...
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    Question about 4th of July

    Hey all, since the 4th is on a Wednesday, will either the weekend before or after the 4th be a long one? Is everyone just celebrating mid-week with no extended holiday? I got a call yesterday from someone in government asking this question and I have no idea. I think the question came from...
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    Anyone know how to check to see if someone is wanted by the law up north?

    I'm not interested in going out of my way to make trouble for anyone. The question comes up because there are kids involved. Know someone here can tell me if there's an easy way to check for warrants in the US. Thanks in advance!
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    Taste of Penasco & Iron Chef Competition Feb 11th

    This year more chefs than ever (seven) are competing for the title of Penasco Iron Chef 2012. All but one of the judges on the panel will be experts in the realm of culinary arts. The remaining seat on the panel will be raffled off (tickets currently on sale: Facebook/taste of penasco). The...
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    Broke into piggy bank, looking for reliable car

    Hi all, Some of you might've heard this on the radio last Saturday, but I'm finally ready to buy myself a vehicle. I prefer pickups and SUVs to sedans and am thinking maybe 2005 or so. Most importantly, it must be reliable for long trips and somewhat comfortable. Best if the mileage isn't too...
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    Finally the link for SAGARPA/SENASICA regulations in English

    Just got this.
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    Fiesta cruiser shipwrecked, tourist dies

    At around 7pm on Tuesday, personnel from the marines, police, fire department and municipal Civil Protection were called on to rescue 44 tourists after the popular Fiesta Cruiser in Puerto Penasco lost all steering and was left adrift on the Sea of Cortez. Unconfirmed reports said that the...
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    More about dog food and groceries at the border

    Be warned that if you're bringing contraband such as beef or dog food, you're running the risk of being fined at the border. According to someone who had this happen to them on Friday, the fine was $75 usd per person in the car. There were three people, so the total was $225. I've talked to...
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    Mark Mulligan playing Thursday, Oct 6th at Latitude 31!

    Alright, you might not have a Shrimp Festival to go to, but if you're in town come on by Latitude 31 for the Mark Mulligan preview show! 6pm-9pm...Hope to see you there.
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    There is no Shrimp Festival in October. Hope you'll come down anyway.

    Hey folks, I said on the radio a few weeks ago that I wasn't convinced there'd be a Shrimp Fest in October. Turns out I was right. I know there are tons of emails and publications out there saying October 8th. Even Russ announced it on the Ramblings. Nevertheless, there will be no Shrimp...
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    Definitive Answer: 3 Turkeys per vehicle will be allowed - read the conditions

    Okay folks, I spoke with the officer who oversees the SAGARPA office at the Sonoyta border crossing and he assures me that 3 turkeys per vehicle will be allowed into Mexico. The key here is that they must be in the original packaging and marked by the USDA. In addition to the turkeys, up to 15...