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  1. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    Any new information on this grisly discovery? I was told that it possibly was a gravesite for people who had no one to claim them in PP.
  2. dirtsurfer

    Purchasing meds in Mexico, donating

    I have found great bargains this year on all my meds in Mexico. You may have to shop around a little to get what you need. A plug for Casa Hogar=the old folks home. We have been bringing this place clothing, jackets and blankets. Trying to figure out how to donate food.
  3. dirtsurfer

    Join our facebook group!

    O.K. I need your positive mexico stories to help convince my nervous relatives from Chicago to come to Miramar in April. Not much positive in their news so they are nervous nellies with three little kids. Your kind words would help.
  4. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    It is an example of the Mexican government not being able to handle their problem, which was a part of the discussion.
  5. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found
  6. dirtsurfer

    Turtles and nests are back in Penasco!

    Fantastic! We had a batch on our beach last year and will be looking for them this weekend. Wish the long line fishing technique was not allowed but I understand their business also.
  7. dirtsurfer

    US Medicare Part D verses Buying Meds in Puerto Peñasco

    In PP check out Pharmacia Benaviedes, also, there is an app for phone called GoddRx that has found me better pricing in the U.S. on some items than what i could get them for in Mex.
  8. dirtsurfer

    Do you bring meat across border?

    Hornet’s nest coming I’m sure but you should watch this movie:
  9. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    Absolutely wonderful!
  10. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    Well, in non partisan morbid thought I wonder how the bodies made it to the pits? Were they shot on site or trucked? Who’s heavy equipment dug the pit, who was tipped off the to bodies whereabouts?
  11. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    And you re 100% wrong in that the government reflects the attitude of the voters. In a divided country like the U.S. the government reflects the attitude of half of the voters.
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    Bodies Found

    I would flip this on you and ask that you decide what violent offenders are let loose in your neighborhood. Nationally, in America, violent crime has been on a downward trend so something about the system must be working correctly. If you look at each individual law, the crime for breaking it...
  13. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    California has had a program to reduce their prison population by using early release of prisoners. They try to release non-violent offenders but many convictions are plead down from very violent crimes that were committed. To be honest, the extreme partisanship being expressed above is...
  14. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    Except for violent crime. Violent criminals need to be removed from society if not from life.
  15. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    My niece is an ER doc in Chicago and although my death count comparison may be off the number of people shot but not killed in Chicago is a much higher number. I believe that on both sides of the border the death count would change along with the dynamic if all drugs were legalized.
  16. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    In reality the count would be almost an average weekend in Chicago.
  17. dirtsurfer

    Bodies Found

    Not much news today. Very sad.
  18. dirtsurfer

    September Nights

    I still do not expect the glorious, perfect weather until the third week of October.
  19. dirtsurfer

    Squatters/Mexican Bank Trust

    The squatter problem in Mexico has happened to a friend of mine it it was a horrible ordeal to resolve. The Mexican authorities are worthless and the utilities who could easily just cut power & water seem not to care. Does not anybody care and is there no rule of law?
  20. dirtsurfer

    No repercussion

    As Mexico matures it’s police and police infrastructure will need to improve and become much more professional. I hold out little hope for improvement.