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    Encantame Towers Owners

    I have owned at SPA, Bella, and Las Palomas. All were finished and used but now I have gotten rid of all but one and will sell Bella and go to Havasu Getting too old for MX.
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    I am 73 and have owned in Penasco over 30 years. I feel very safe there. I have owned at Spa. Las Palomas and Bella. I do not drive from Tucson at night. I do not carry a gun in Mexico and I have a 10 lb yapper dog. A day will come when I will have to not drive down but I grew up in Hawaii...
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    I looked at those and thought they looked good for the price.
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    Xmas Playa Miramar?

    I have been driving done for 20 years and I am over 70. I don't drive at night. I do not drive at night in Tuscon. My gas tank is full, my cell is charged and I call home when I cross into MX and when I reach Bella. Everyone is happy.
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    I am going to sell my condo at Bella Sirena. I need a relator. My husband is licensed in Green Valley AZ. I f any one is interested my number is 520 490 3420.
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    Anyone have pictures I can share? I used to own there when I was younger. Not on the ocean but the wind and sand damage could get really bad.
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    I grew up in Kailua HI on the beach. 50 yrs ago my parents gave up and moved off the beach. You just could not win. Shifting tides, winds, storms. One day it was no longer worth it.
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    Lost Chihuahua

    i hope you found him.
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    I am old. I was more interested in the fish.
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    Do you bring meat across border?

    My husband has residence and we never know what they are going to looked for but they do not like the 12 lb dog that barks.
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    Another load of books

    Children's book, old textbooks so student can practice English and paperbacks to read.
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    Another load of books

    10/28,19 Books store in GV gave me another load of books to bring sown. Has the newspaper moved yet? And will our book library still be there?
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    Do you bring meat across border?

    Coming back I have had lunch meat, turkey and salami taken.
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    Sonoran Spa

    I am so old now I can't hear any noise.
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    Turning Up the Heat in Culiacan

    I guess my days of driving to Mazatlan are coming to an end.
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    Sally's Passing

    That was my favorite place for meican food.
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    Sonoran Spa

    I owned at SPA and thought it was a great place. When we downsized our holding I only keep Bella. Last week I was at a meeting in Tucson and heard a person talk about staying at SPA. I was shocked by her story and hope you all will tell me it was not true. They were there 2 or 3 weeks ago...
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    Las Palomas Phase 3

    Just the cashier checks. We hired a lawyer and he said we were just going to poor good money after bad. Some times when I am drive by to see if any one is building on my lot but we are old.
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    Las Palomas Phase 3

    We have no seat at the table. Some hired a Mexican attorney and were our money was used too complete the first units and you will have no luck collecting anything. Are unit at the Spa was completed and Bella was also finished. My I own a lot in Los Conchas that was suppose to have a house...
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    Need to buy

    I lucked out and got one in Penaso.