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  1. Stuart

    What fishes did aboriginal residents of Puerto Penasco Sonora catch and consume??

    Agree. Octopus are very naturally curious creatures. In Italy, they would walk around on the rocks using a mop or broomstick handle with a hook tied tightly to the end. They would put a piece of white plastic trash bag on the hook and just dip it down under the rocks and wiggle it every now and...
  2. Stuart

    What fishes did aboriginal residents of Puerto Penasco Sonora catch and consume??

    Pics please? Smoothhound (a common sand shark) Pacific Sharpnose Shark (haven't really caught one of these, but black-tip reef sharks are a very common catch) Gulf Grouper (large family of fish fit this category Serranidae) Ric Felder's (grouper slayer deluxe!) pic. Mullet - (bony...
  3. Stuart

    Same David Butterfield??

    He didn't need no steenkin' seat belt. And given the time? I'm sure his blood alcohol level was right up there, not to mention whatever else he had going on. You may recall he got popped for DUI, cocaine and opioid pills in Ajo. As I posted in the other thread originally about him, the...
  4. Stuart

    Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???

    And so an end to this thread. Sad, but verified. Newspaper Front 4 hrs Overturning leaves a deceased American man in Puerto Peñasco * The events occurred early today on the Costa Diamante boulevard, access to highway tera to the Gulf of Santa Clara A man identified as Daniel Christopher...
  5. Stuart

    Same David Butterfield??

    Apparently so, just got this in my inbox, but have not been able to verify in online De Frente.
  6. Stuart

    Cruises to start 2019. Make your reservation now.

    All is good until the first chubasco.
  7. Stuart

    Join our facebook group!

    For what it's worth, the level of treatment in Mexico is far better than any urgent care experience you'll have in the US. Heart attacks and other major medical aside.
  8. Stuart

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!
  9. Stuart

    Halibut or Flounder.

    Halibuts are the big boys we catch out at the deep reefs. The smaller ones caught near shore are fluke, or flounder. Both are yummy! Had an interesting conversation awhile back with someone that insisted all halibut are left-eyed and flounder are right-eyed. Bull pucky! Proceeded to post a...
  10. Stuart

    Bodies Found

    Meh. It's not right now, but point being it could be, and has come close a time or two. Don't cheerlead, Russ. It could all change tomorrow. Love you man, no homo.
  11. Stuart

    72 Hours and Mexican Tourist Card?

    For Rocky Point? Don't bother. If you're going deeper into Mexico, then yes. If you fly into Mazatlan, you fill it on the plane, get it stamped when you go through Customs. Same flying to Cabo or other destinations. If driving, you can get it at the 21km stop south of Nogales. I have been asked...
  12. Stuart

    Bodies Found

    I'm about to kill this whole thread.
  13. Stuart

    October fishing 10/19/19

    Nice catch!
  14. Stuart

    Turning Up the Heat in Culiacan

    Damn boi... dat's some serious firepower! Always had 360 eyes in my head the few times I've driven through Culican.
  15. Stuart

    Buying crab

    Hit or miss on live crab. I've seen it occasionally, but not consistently on the malecon.
  16. Stuart

    Buying crab

    Several on the malecon. Already cooked and cleaned, picked. Ready to eat, make crabcakes, whatever.
  17. Stuart

    Inshore Panga fishing - no trigger & rock bass

    The close areas are largely ignored as the further reefs generally have more fish. Doesn't mean there aren't decent fish close in, there are. Like Kenny, I've surprised myself a few times. Like catching a nice size pinto on a sabiki rig while making bait just outside the mouth of Cholla Bay...
  18. Stuart

    September Nights

    Crazy. You NEED AC. We fished one year (recently) 3rd week of Sept. Water temps 40 miles out in 90's. Spent the whole day in the water hanging off the back of the boat because it was so brutal hot. I wouldn't consider what you're suggesting until late October, at best.
  19. Stuart

    San Carlos fishing charter

    Fernando Catch 22 is your man. I haven't been to SC in awhile, so hard to know how the dodo fishing is. They often get overwhelmed with illegal long lines during the summer and can make it tough to catch dorado. Brian is good, too.
  20. Stuart

    Money stolen at border

    They drank all the beer I had in the refrigerator while "inspecting my boat" at Benjamin Hill one trip. Thought they were down in the cabin for awhile. They were kind enough to put the empty Pacifico bottles back in the fridge.