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    Sally's Passing

    Just heard that Sally of Xochiti's fame has passed. When?
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    Not a real restaurant but good,cheap eats. Got introduced to the place this year.It is out in the barrio but is still a place to go. North on Constitution to Caborca, turn left. Go two blocks and turn right. Take your own beer or whatever. He does have soda. Oh yes, he has a facebook page
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    IVA Tax?

    What is the scoop on this 16% tax? Some businesses charge and some don't. I heard it was a tax on meat then a tax on everything. Anyone know what the real reason for the tax is?
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    Shell Beach

    We will be down on the 13th and the ladies want to pick up some shells. Where is a good beach to do so?
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    Anyone Been to Frenchy's?

    Anyone been there yet? Menu looks pretty expensive for what it is, I mean 6 bux for a hamburger and fries! How about Poutine, french fries covered with gravy and cheese for 8 bux?
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    Ripoff on the Malecon

    Went down yesterday to get some shrimp and was quoted 9 bucks a pound at Rocky's for the huge guys. 9 bucks was cheaper than anywhere else so the wife said ok and then put her 2 pound weight on the scale and the scale read almost 3 pounds. When confronted about the crooked scale another one...
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    Puesta del Sol Restaurant Happy Hour

    We are planning a geocaching meet and greet at Puesta del Sol in Feb. Anyone know what time their happy hour is?
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    Lukeville Post Office

    Anything decided on the PO closing in Lukeville? Last I heard it was still up in the air.
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    Where to Leave Firearms

    Anyone know where on the US side I can leave a couple of firearms before entering Mexico through Lukeville? I have heard that there is a place in either Ajo or Why.
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    What to Catch in Feb and March

    I'll be there from mid Feb to mid March and want to catch something besides trigger fish. What is available and what boat would be a good charter?