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    Thanksgiving storm

    Storm over Thanksgiving do any damage. Rains okay. How is the road to Playa Encanto.
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    Glass Slider

    Anybody know who can replace rollers on a glass sliding door in the Playa Encanto area? Thanks.
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    Insulated Concrete Forms

    Anybody built in Puerto Penasco where you or your contractor used Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) building method? Just wanted to know your experience using this method.
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    Auto Parking

    I have friends coming down from AZ but they are uncomfortable driving in Mexico. Does anyone know of a place with secure parking in Ajo, Why, or Lukeville where they could leave their car so that I could then pick them up and bring them down to PP?
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    Temporary Residence Card

    If you hold a Temporary Residence Card do you have to stop by the INM Office at the border each time you enter and leave Mexico and have your Passport stamped?
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    Visa Requirements

    Is a Visa required to purchase property through a bank trust is Mexico? If so, which one .. FMM or Temporary Resident and what are the advantages/disadvantages of each?
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    Water in Las Conchas

    I have a number of questions for persons living in Las Conchas: Are all homes on city water? If so, are homes separately metered? Why do some (if not all) homes have water tanks installed? What is the approximate cost of water? Hope these are not stupid questions but I'm trying to get a feel...
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    HOA's in Puerto Penesco

    Hi there, noobie here trying to get info on Puerto Penesco HOA requirements. My question is HOA membership mandatory. I see info from the Cholla HOA that states "Ms. Dahlstrom reported the following: 687 paid in full, 165 not current, 21 Mexican Members who are not required to pay, for a...