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  1. Bklynborn

    13 year old American citizen murdered on way back to U.S. with his family.Did not occur in Rocky Point.Occurred in the state of Tamaulipis south of Te
  2. Bklynborn

    Laguna Shores

    Has anyone stayed at or own at Laguna Shores.Thoughts on resort.Looks isolated.Roughly how far from say Calle 13 or Malecon to hang out and eat or drink.I have read somewhere the tide goes out roughly 2 miles.I understand the low tide.We have been to Penasco many times.But two miles??Sounds...
  3. Bklynborn

    Bringing house items through the border

    My understanding is that you can bring what you want through the border and pay 16 percent tax on them.Tvs, household items,mattress,bed frames so forth.Is there somewhere that you stop before you pass through or do you handle it after you pass.I am assuming taxes are paid against receipts.Just...
  4. Bklynborn

    Thoughts on buying in the Mirador

    Good afternoon, Contemplating a purchase in the Mirador section.We have visited and stayed there in the past.We like that it is is not as crazy and crowded as the Sandy Beach area and Calle 13 etc.What we don't like are all the eye sores in the area of a forgotten past.I am sure there is petty...