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    Bodies Found

    Hey now, he admonished Kenny for his comments, advocated above for totally unfettered gun ownership. proposed an NRA sponsored Hate Kenny Demonstration, defended the rights of gun owners to shoot school children, . Just a bunch of little comments. Were you referring to the Queen's little...
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    Looking for recommendations for rehab contractor

    I might be able to help you. I have a crew which completely renovated my house and casita. I have also recently completed building a new home here in town. I 've lived in Penasco for almost five years and sort of know how things get done. My number is 638-113 - 4390 Cheers, Michael
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    Map of "important places"? has a lot of interactive google maps for all the things you're looking for.
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    Art in the Park today

    Well attended and organized event today. Fun time. Saw these photo's
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    Fashion Festival

    Found this online. Has a video at the end of photo's.
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    Cervantino Festival 2016

    Video of location for tonights opening of the Festival.
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    Beautiful Beaches of Las Conchas

    Just saw this online
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    Hobie Cat Sailing

    Thousands of visitors in town for the North American Championships. Nice video here
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    What is your favorite restaurant for breakfast?

    Agree with the comments on Max's. Cold eggs and poor service. They need to pick it up!
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    Cervantino Festival 2016

    Another link:
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    House for sale

    Ron your email address is not working as written