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  1. IggyAZ

    Fishing the tide?

    Coming down for a few weeks shortly and was going to plan a local fishing trip with a small group. I just was wondering what you all think about fishing and the tides. Considering 10 mile reef or further out from Puerto Penasco. When do you think the best fishing time is? Extreme High tide...
  2. IggyAZ

    Value of the Peso to US$

    Have you been watching the value of the US dollar in relations to the Peso? Today it reached over 17.5 Pesos to a dollar. I may have to buy some for my future trip to Mexico.
  3. IggyAZ

    The storm is coming tonight

    Just watching the weather and PP is going to be hit hard tonight. Watch out for flash flooding folks. Up her ein western Phoenix we will get it by 5AM Sunday morning from the south. They have been predicting 4-5 inches. Good luck
  4. IggyAZ

    Dash Cover for motorhome

    Can anyone recomment anyone in RP that makes dash covers. Speficially for large ones for motorhome dashes. If the right person is found this may become popular for all the motorhomes that visit. Thanks
  5. IggyAZ

    Pacifica Charter Capt. Adolfo Perez

    Just wanted to say that this is the 2nd year we have used Pacifica Charter for a day trip with my group. We used the " Just in Time" boat with 20 people and was plenty of roof and confortable. Cost was very reasonable and had plenty to drink and eat especially the fish fish we caught. We headed...
  6. IggyAZ

    New building on Rodeo Drive?

    I hope this is not aq repeat question but can anyone tell us what is that new concrete building being built on the dirt road to rodeo row? Thank you
  7. IggyAZ

    How is the petro prices in RP?

    Withe the price os gas in Arizona around $3.75 -$3.79 I was wondering how it was down there. How much for a liter now? Will be heading down to RP for 2 weeks in Mid March. The Reef will be the place! Thanks IggyAz
  8. IggyAZ

    Day trip to Bird Island

    Trip report to Bird Island We had a wonderful day trip to Bird Island with Capt Adolfo Perez on the " About Time". It is a 54ft boat that was in good shape and plenty of seating inside and out. We saw and played with a porpouses , seals and a whale on the way back. We cause plenty of rock cod...
  9. IggyAZ

    Chef Mickey on Fremont

    I have been a follower of Chef Micky for a few years now and always enjoyed his up scale dinners. He used to have a place in the resort village but the location on Fremont is a nice romantic setting. His steaks are fabulious and actually everything that arrives at your table is beautiful and...
  10. IggyAZ

    Thank you to the Admin/Owners of

    I wanted to stop and thank whomever owns and runs It it priceless for me as well as others wanting to visit RP for the first time and have questions. Also thank you to all the great people who help answer those questions. We also have to mention all the new friends we make and...
  11. IggyAZ

    Metal Detecting on the beach

    Has anyone that visited RP ever metal detect on the beach? Any hidden treasures or beer bottle tops?
  12. IggyAZ

    Plans are made and we will be heading south soon

    The plans are set and we will be in Perto Penasco for 2 weeks. All I have to do is packup our stuff in the trailer and fill up the truck. March 10th to the 26th Playa De Oro RV Park. So I'm putting in my order for blue skys and warm days now.
  13. IggyAZ

    DISH Network coverage in Rocky Point

    I live in Phoenix and use DISH network satellite at home. Question Can anyone verify that if I bring my SAT dish and receiver will I still be in the Phoenix area coverage? I want to be able to view my local Phoenix channels and was told RP is still in the Phoenix coverage area? Thanks
  14. IggyAZ

    Chair needs reupholstered

    I have a recliner chair in my RV that I’d like reupholstered. Does anyone know of any shops in RP that does this work? Here is what it look like. Thanks
  15. IggyAZ

    Nely's restaurant and bar in RP?

    Has anyone heard of Nely's restaurant and bar in RP? I heard they have fresh crab in season? I don't even know an address. Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated.
  16. IggyAZ

    Playa Del Oro RV Park

    I have reservations at Playa Del Oro RV park anf this will be the first time we will stay there. We usually stay at The Reef but was too far out away from town. Can anyone tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly about being there and in town? I have been reading this forum for good places to...
  17. IggyAZ

    Best Seafood Resterant in Rocky Point

    I've spend a little time in Rocky point area and was always looking for a good family style seafood resterant. Not the ones that cater to the tourist but the truly Mexican family resterant at resonable prices. What have you found and want to tell about it. Thanks Iggy in AZ