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    Telmex fiber optic

    Any reviews on new WFi service in Las Conchas?
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    Time lapse, try it for PP
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    Time lapse by google earth

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    Las Palomas Phase 3

    Does anyone here have any info on the resurrection of this project?
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    Russ says 6"rain in cholla, Mondones weather station shows nothing, I'm hearing the entrance to Las Conchas has a huge sinkhole and is impassable, wtf is going on there?
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    Stop and count to 3

    Got clipped by the ginger haired cop at Fremont and Josefa yesterday. Didn't stop me 'til I got up by the church. Said I rolled the stop. No mention of mordida, took my license and registration ,made me follow to police station.They wanted 1612 pesos, about a hundred bucks. I called bullshit and...
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    FMT Sonoyta

    Does anyone here know if you can get an FMT (tourist visa necessary to sign legal docs in Penasco) on the weekends. Please, only those who know FOR SURE . I do not want to make a trip back to the border to get this if I can't get it on a weekend coming in. Tried googling it to no avail. Thanks
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    Over 100?

    Hey Roberto! The last two days Mondone's weather station has shown 104 and 103 today . Is that accurate?
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    Trailer suitable for Kayaks

    I have a trailer in excellent condition for sale that would fit 2 Kayaks easily. I used it for a Hobie but now that the sailboat is on the beach I dont need it. $395
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    Did it?
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    Cel phone use driving

    Friend of mine got pulled over in Sonoyta for cel use driving, shook him down for $40, anyone else got experience with this? Cop said it's illegal in Mexico.
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    Internet in Las Conchas

    I'm really fed up with the bad service from Telmex. Sometimes I have business and they are really unreliable as of late. I have made two appointments in the last 2 weeks for service, drove to their office and they readily admit your chances are slim of seeing a technician. Anyone got a success...
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    Thanksgiving wait

    Left at 8AM big line at the border, well past Wendy's,single lane , 40 minutes. Suprised it moved so fast. Had 5 gates open at the border and they were moving them through. Weather was cool at nite but beautiful during the day. 43 degrees this AM
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    Yo Bro! We haven't chatted in a while,Anything new at LP? You have been OUTED along with Benny and Lorraine.
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    LP refigerator sevice

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    Las Palomas Banditos

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so now they don't pay again.I'll bet they are paying the Squirrels tho.they also are charging $5 to replace an 80 cent cfl litebulb.Out with WWG and the Secret Squirrels! Step aside Jimmy and Benny!
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    The result of overimbibing.To quote Ron White: "I had the right to remain silent but not the ability."
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    Got to the poorly designed cloverleaf North of town today at 1:15 pm and group of 30 -40 men holding signs complaining of an "injustice" had the road blocked. I assumed it was the fishermen again. They were all riled up. They said no one would pass for at least an hour. Two cop cars showed up...
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    Why was that deleted Stuart? Seemed perfectly relevant .
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    Where you gonna run to? I hear Canada has nice beaches.