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  1. dirtsurfer

    Purchasing meds in Mexico, donating

    I have found great bargains this year on all my meds in Mexico. You may have to shop around a little to get what you need. A plug for Casa Hogar=the old folks home. We have been bringing this place clothing, jackets and blankets. Trying to figure out how to donate food.
  2. dirtsurfer

    Solar company in RP?

    I hate to ask but are still any servicing solar companies in Penasco? Thanks so much for your input.
  3. dirtsurfer

    Looking for an online Mexican pharmacy.

    Any suggestions? Experiences?
  4. dirtsurfer

    Refrigerator in RP

    I hate to sound like a newbie but I rarely go to town. Can you tell me if it is possible to purchase a new nice, modern, stainless refrigerator in RP? I could bring one down, pay the impuestos and get by but I would rather purchase it in RP if possible.
  5. dirtsurfer

    Border thoughts 4/15/19

    I crossed back in to the U.S. on Monday the 15th, had about a 40 minute wait which surprised me this being a Monday. I read the reports about !00,000+ people are coming to PP for Easter. I cannot even imagine how the Mecicans with only two lanes headed South will deal with this mass of people...
  6. dirtsurfer

    Huge loads of “stuff” on pickups headed to Mexico.

    Today I counted eight trucks stacked and loaded with every used garage sale item imaginable headed south to the border. How do these people get a load like this across the border?
  7. dirtsurfer

    Paying taxes 2019

    I just had the best experience ever in any Municipal office-Mexican or American. The tax office in Penasco had two interpreters who guided me perfectly, the clerks were great and the the entire time spent in the building was less than 10 minutes. Yippee! What is usually a PITA turned out to be a...
  8. dirtsurfer

    Net metering in Mexico

    Do any of you who have converted from solar to the city power have any experience with selling your solar power back into the grid?
  9. dirtsurfer

    New Penasco airport or Mayan airport

    Does anyone know of this airport being used? I have ye to see a plane fly in nad the security guards are pretty stern about letting me drive Dow the road so I can get a look. It seems a Ike a massive investment to just be sitting there.
  10. dirtsurfer

    Water from the air-from a Phoenix Company

    I most likely will install one of these in 2019:
  11. dirtsurfer

    Federales still checking cars heading north

    I was not selected but there was long line of people waiting for the Federal inspection for people heading north. The inspection is just south of the border. This from a friend who crossed earlier today: "30 minutes wait at Mexican inspection still 20 cars ahead of us before the station then US...
  12. dirtsurfer

    Driving in the Yucatan-"two free warnings"

    God do they ever need this in Sonoita & Penasco:
  13. dirtsurfer

    Federales at the border

    Sure have been a lot of Federales at the border lately, also, a lot of the Mexican crossing guards have been women during my crossings in December-February.
  14. dirtsurfer

    Chicago VS Penasco: weather

    I am here in Chicago freezing at a niece’s soccer game at 35 degrees and sleety. Makes me unbelievably grateful for the time I have spent on our wonderful beaches and the the time I intend to spend in the near future in Mexico. Enjoy it all you can.
  15. dirtsurfer

    Scorps on the beach

    Last night in Miramar we killed a big scorpion that had crawled on to our porch. I grabbed a scorpion light and walked the bushy upper beach and was stunned at what I discovered. Just in front of four lots we killed 59 scorps. They were mostly large but some babies were there also. Two...
  16. dirtsurfer

    Nighttime beach sleeping in August

    I slept on the beach in Miramar last night [Sun 8-13] and we were very pleasantly relieved by the constant and still off shore breeze. It was warm and humid but the strong breeze made it tolerable and the bugs were not able to eat us.
  17. dirtsurfer

    Two hours + going in to Mexico

    5/26, 5:PM I have friends in line hoping to cross the border but after two hours they still cannot see the crossing. If Mexico truly needs the tourist dollars they certainly are not acting like it.
  18. dirtsurfer

    Rain & roofing

    It looks like rain is coming to Penasco today. I am excited to see if my silicone roof coating actually works.
  19. dirtsurfer

    Busy week and weekend 10/12/16

    I crossed back in to the U.S. On Friday at about noon and there was a mile long line of bikes, cars & RV's waiting to get in to Mexico. I was told that on Thursday there was a three hour wait to cross going South. This is great for PP.
  20. dirtsurfer

    Need a recommendation for a resort-for my client

    Hello: One of my clients is coming to RP next weekend for a quick stay. I rarely get to the resort scene in town so am asking for recommendations for my clients. Thank you for your suggestions.