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    Building Boom?

    In the Rocky Point Times this month there is an article that 36 lots have been sold the first half of this year. Another article in the Times states that 25 condos have been sold at Corona Del Sol in Las Conchas since April 1st. The first hotel on Sandy Beach started construction last winter...
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    Daily Peso Exchange Rate Web Site

    Google search Lists all banks of Mexico CURRENT exchange rates for "Buy" & "Sell" Handy tool when trying to figure out where to get the best exchange rate for Peso.
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    Was at the beach yesterday near Laguna Del Mar and saw hundreds of caterpillers coming over the sand dunes and heading out to the sand flats to the ocean, it was low tide. My husband walked the dog out to the water and he said they were all the way out there too. Some were orange and black and...
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    Federali presence in Sonoyta

    Not exactly sure why, but coming in last night at the VIP, there was a HUGE presence of federali and army (green). Packed in the rear parking area and all around were maybe 50 or more vehicles. I don't think they were there for fuel, as the way they were parked was like cord wood. Thought it...
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    Bringing tools to Rocky Point

    Can you bring tools down to work on your house for a remodeling project or do you need to declare them at the border?
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    New home builders

    Any one know of a reputable home builder that does quality construction, and experience in boveda ceilings?
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    Cholla Bay water

    Does Cholla Bay have running water to the homes or only by truck delivery? Has any one hooked up to water? On the HOA website I found this. Working with Cholla's developer, SBR, the water delivery system to Cholla has been improved. The water main valves to each of the Sandy Beach developments...
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    Laguna Shores?

    I read the thread on the Laguna Shores fraud. I am going down the end of the month to look at real estate with my realtor down there. The house in Laguna Shores has a bank trust in place already. Any one have any real insight on how the development is doing?