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    Sonoran Spa

    I owned at SPA and thought it was a great place. When we downsized our holding I only keep Bella. Last week I was at a meeting in Tucson and heard a person talk about staying at SPA. I was shocked by her story and hope you all will tell me it was not true. They were there 2 or 3 weeks ago...
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    Putting MX condo in family trust

    We have a family trust and all the real estate has been placed in it. Do I need a Mexican lawyer to put my Bella condo in the family trust?
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    Need repair Reverse Osmosis system

    I have never been able to get my property manager to get my system working with the ice maker. I had to stay in another unit at Bella and theirs works fine. Somebody sone where down here know someone that can make mine work. I am at Bella.Sirena. I also need patio furniture that is metal...
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    F 150 needs a paint job

    A few years ago my Ford Explorer needed some body work and I got a name from the group that did a great job. My daughter F150 is REd and has really faded. The whole things needs to be repainted. Any suggestions? Went to bookstore today and have a lot of new books to bring down. I also have...
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    Was the border closed last weekend?
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    I am coming done next week. I used to go to a dentist there but he is gone. I need to see a good dentist. Please give me some recommendation so I can get an appointment.
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    Old Port Restuarants

    I am bring my 12 lb dog with me. My last dog was 80 lbs and loved to go to the Old Port with us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have heard that dog and no longer welcome at restuarants in Old Port or JJ Cantina. I am okay with that. But I do not want to leave him in the condo all aloe and...
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    What are the chances the Gov't will close Lukeville?

    I need to go down but I am worried about being stuck down in Penasco.
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    Travel Warning

    Some one told me today that there were travel warning issued by Mexico about travel to Portland Or. Those of us from Oregon would like to know where it was. We get warning about traveling in Mexico all the time but still go. Did anyone see it?
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    Mayan Palace

    I have a friend that is coming down from Oregon for a week. Last time she came, we went out to Mayan Palace for Lunch. This was 6 or 7 years ago. We were told we had to go to a sales presentation first. Is that still the same??
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    San Carlos vs Rocky Point

    Was talking to some people in Tuscon. When I worked in Hermosillo we went to San Carlos a lot. We thought about buying but just never did. When they started developing Sandy Beach we bought a condo. Finally bought on at Bella because it was quiet and got rid of the other one. We been there...
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    Condo Painting

    I have a 1 bedroom at Bella and I just got a bid of over $1000. Last time I paid half that, Anyone know a painter they could recommend. The condo is in great shape. No holes in the wall. Door, cabinets are all stained wood. It is just the walls. Ceiling in LP is brick.
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    Driving to Mazatlan.

    We have driven to Mazatlán for years. We make in 2 days and never travel at night. Haven't done it for about 4 years. Yesterday a friend (who is Mexican) told me I am crazy to do that. We have never had any problems. We go thru a couple of military patrols but had any problem but a flat...
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    New car hit by basket

    I have a new red SUV. Came out of a store and a cart had hit the side of my red SUV. Chipped the painted. About 7 yrs ago I had the same thing happened and I took it to a paint place in PP that I was given and they fixed in for $20. There is no dent just a paint chip. Up here they want...
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    Mexico Election

    My husband works out with people from San Carlos. They keep talking about how important this Mexican election is for American that own in Mexico. The anti establishment candidate is openly left wing. Many open seats which means there could be a radical change for the country. Our Spanish is...
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    Great Scam

    We used to have a place at Mazatlán and would go down 4 or 5 times a year. We were always told if you got a ticket go to CS and they would take care of it. One day I was going to the grocery store and I got stopped coming out of resort for not stopping at a stop sign. Not true. Took the...
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    The Villages at Las Conchas

    Did anyone on this forum purchase there. I was the next lot to be built on but they used the money to complete the other homes they had started. I am aware of someone who trying to get something for all of us the paid for our house. Send me your email and I will contact you of line.
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    Phoenix Magazine Rocky Waters by Loren Loftus

    Again someone who knows nothing writes an article about having to to make a boring drive and then is required to present a passport to get into Mexico. Very negative article.
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    auto painting

    A few years ago I had someone keyed my Explorer up here in a parking lot. On this chat room I got the name of a body shop in Penasco. The did a great job on the red Explorer and it was very reasonable. Yesterday I bought a red 2017 Nissian Rogue with 6000 miles on it. There are 3 tiny key...
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    This weekend

    Therc were good crowds here this weekend. Stayed at Bella and on Fri and Sat night the had music at Swim, the bar and restaurant. The played till 9 and I could hear them on my patio. I am old but I could name almost all of them(song titles). Old Port was busy. Had Lucky's free breakfast this...