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    Xmas Playa Miramar?

    Kate, You’ll have a great Christmas in Playa Miramar. Let common sense prevail and you’ll be fine. It’s interesting how Mexico related news stories can get in your head and make you think it’s different now, but when you finally get down and settled in, everything is the same old calm...
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    Thunder and lightning today

    The variety of weather is one of the things that makes Rocky Point so great. You can have calm wind and seas with clear skies and completely different weather just a few hours later. Not many places like this. Today, I’ve seen seals, dolphins, Osprey and several squadrons of brown pelicans...
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    Beautiful Sea Today

    I agree, Roberto. It has been beautiful. Glassy calm seas with light breeze for several days. Shrimp boats dotting the horizon at night.
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    Sea wall damage in LC

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    Things getting back to normal

    Drove back to Phoenix from Las Conchas this morning and made it easily in my 4WD truck. Other than mud in Las Conchas and a few flooded roads in Rocky Point and just north of Rocky Point, the trip was fine. The 3-way intersection coming into RP at Benito Juarez and Dominguez is still pretty...
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    Best Cell phone carrier from the U.S. for Rocky Point?

    I'm a big fan of T-Mobile because the free international data and text, which used to get expensive for me with AT&T. The voice rates are much cheaper too. I love not having to worry about roaming settings and finding wifi to get emails, etc. Coverage and service has been fine.
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    Search for marg mix

    I'm a big fan of Costco's Kirkland Premium Margarita mix with real lime juice and cane sugar. Simply Lime is a great alternative too. And, I also agree with the other posters that Gran Marnier tastes much better than Cointreau in Margaritas.
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    What I love about Rocky Point?

    Counting shrimp boats on the horizon. Having a cold XX with breakfast after a beach walk. Doctors waiting to help you in the lobby of Red Cross when you walk in. The old Polaroid camera guy in Old Port. "banana boat!!!!" Capones' pizza, Pac-Man's jokes, Johnny's Viking braids, waiting for my...
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    Tequila Shopping

    Sam's Club and Bodega have great prices on tequila in Rocky Point. Crucero has a great selection, but a little more expensive. UETA duty free has great prices too if the border line is reasonable enough to re-enter.
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    I've bought really good beef tenderloin filets at Su Karne (across the street from La Curva). Vacuum packed and in the refrigerator case to the right in the store. Hit or miss on availability at times.
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    LONGOS East of Bryans

    The carne con chile burros at Longo's are amazing! Love that place.
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    Sams Club wine selection

    6-7 cases - no problem.
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    Gas price

    Such a role reversal lately between the US and Mexico with gas prices so low in Arizona at around $3/gallon - and we're lucky to be around 20 cents under the US national average right now. In Arizona, we've fluctuated between $3 and $4/gallon unleaded pricing over the last two years and have...
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    U.S. Passport Card Application Available Online

    Submitted our passport card apps online (thanks to this thread) on Feb 3 and got them in the mail today! 45 day turnaround.
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    Fiesta cruiser shipwrecked, tourist dies

    Here's a picture of the Fiesta Cruiser taken from the window of the Friendly Dolphin in September 2006.
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    Merchants Not Displaying Prices

    Interesting post. I agree about not buying items that aren't priced - unless I absolutely need it and have nowhere else to go. I'm sure the prices at Walmart and Ley's were both fair, whatever they were. The price volatility answer makes some sense with all the food inflation we've seen this...
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    Manny's Beach Club to open for the month of March

    I agree Cactus Jack. Heading to Manny's for cold beers was something I always looked forward to when planning a trip to RP. I loved the great people, ocean view, sand and shell floor and weather beaten Dos XX tables and chairs. Tons of great memories at Manny's!
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    Wine at the duty free?

    Yes, UETA has wine but the selection is usually pretty limited to a small handful of wines - usually Spanish and Chilean vineyards. There is a great liquor store on the main drag into town (Benito Juarez), immediately past the train tracks on the right (west) side of the street that has a...
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    Known Business Closures

    Not sure how current or accurate this is, but interesting info on labor laws in Mexico.