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    Inshore Panga fishing - no trigger & rock bass

    Does anybody have a contact, or know if there are Ponga captains who will take anglers out to target the inshore reefs and rock formations while trolling or throwing lures (like competition hill, below El Capitan, etc) instead of the usual of using squid and catching dozens of trigger and rock...
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    Dental work pricing in Penasco

    I have a buddy who needs to have a tooth pulled, post put in and then an artificial tooth implanted. At least I think that is what he described. I guess it’s a hot tooth and for health reasons cannot have a root canal. He also needs light anesthesia. Do they do anesthesia for dentistry in...
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    Rain Today ?

    Radar looks like there is a pretty solid rain storm in Penasco today. How is the town and roads holding up ??
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    Any Corvina being caught ?

    Anybody have recent reports of Corvina being caught around Las Conchas, Encanto, or the estuaries? Would it be accurate to say that the huge Corvina hauls from shore have reduced dramatically the past few years ? I seems like this forum has much less activity as well, but was hoping some of...
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    Corvina from shore reports ?

    Haven't heard any of the "regulars", who post reports and pics on their corvina capers during the May, summer through November months... Anybody with reports of fast and furious corvina shore fishing? In years past, this time of year has been really active with large schools of corvina...
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    Mattress needed for family

    Not sure if anyone has a mattress they aren't using, or one you might be getting rid of ? Antonio, the manager of Reggie's 8/12 on Sinaloa is asking for help for a family he is trying to help. They have been displaced, have 3 young children and are looking for a mattress for the kids to sleep...
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    CORVINA ??

    Wanted to see if anyone has caught, or has heard from anyone who has gotten into any robust corvina fishing from shore this spring and summer? Haven't heard many reports, and from the locals I know who fish regularly for corvina from shore, they have been getting skunked as well. Even a local...
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    (quick) Passport Renewal ?

    Does anyone have a place in Phoenix for a quick turnaround passport renewal? Any idea of the cost? Thanks in advance!
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    Sonoran Spa Live Cam ???

    What happened to the Sonoran Spa live cam ? It used to be really cool to check out the beach from the live feed. Anyone know what happened to it? Or, if there are other live cams in RP ? Kind of funny that they have an old recorded version from 2014...
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    Stingray Landmines

    We were down this past weekend, and like others who posted in the "October Weather" thread, the weather was great and the water was perfect. Spent a good deal of time on the beach and in the water. A warning is in order though. While walking the beach in Las Conchas, we came upon a couple...
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    Tide Calendar discrepencies

    Wondering if you guys can help me with a question I have had for a long time regarding the accuracy and discrepancies of various tide calendars. I have noticed that depending on the tide chart/calendar, 2 different calendars can be off by and hour. My question is, how do we know which one is...
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    Current Weather and how it "feels" on the beach ?

    How is the weather for anyone in RP and on the beach?? Pretty hot up here in PHX and was wondering how it feels in Rocky Point right now? Hoping to head down in the next couple days and the AZ Republic posted the weather at 105 in Rocky Point. That is pretty warm with the humidity. Thank you.
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    What happened to the Aquarium ?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Aquarium at the entrance of Las Conchas? Or what the current status is ?
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    It seems like almost all bars and restaurants in RP have Direct TV. Does anyone know where a guy/gal can watch the PAC-12 Network on Dish ??
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    Sandy Beach Resorts pool and amenities question

    Not sure how to answer this? We have some friends coming down to RP this week and are staying in Las Conchas. They have kids and asked me if it were slow on Sandy Beach, could they pay one of the resorts to have use of their pools for an afternoon? Are there any resorts that provide that as...
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    Hilarious Grouper video

    You can scroll through to miss some of the fishing tips, etc but the bait he uses are huge and the hook-up is hilarious! Fishing Giant Goliath Grouper Jewfish! Going To Work! Chew On This Shows Videos - YouTube
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    Temporary AZ license plate tags and travel into Mexico

    We have a family friend whose family is planning their first trip to Rocky Point in a very long time. They are heading down this Sunday for 5 days. They just purchased a used mini-van from out of state and only have temporary tags, but no plates yet as their title is supposed to arrive in the...
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    Strange Tide Question

    I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a 12 hr tide swing that is virtually flat, but is preceded by a fairly steep tide change and is also followed by a pretty steep tide change. This pertains to the 10:10pm tide on July 22nd through the 10:10am tide on July 23rd. Never have seen this. Has...
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    Mosquitoes - Mirador or Las Conchas area?

    We were hoping someone might shed some light on the mosquitoes that were reported over the last couple weeks. We have friends going down and staying in Las Conchas and were wondering if anyone has any recent information on those annoying pests? Also, does anyone have advice on what to use to...
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    Finally some truth from the press about the reatlity of Rocky Point article this morning: Travel warnings cite violence in Sonora; data show it's safe