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  1. tortuga

    Transportation from Mayan

    How do people without vehicles get to town from the Mayan Palace? How much are taxis from the Mayan to town?
  2. tortuga

    Ajo Medical Clinic

    My long term primary care provider in Phoenix has retired and I am looking for a new one in the states. Does anyone use the Ajo clinic as their primary care provider and what are your experiences?
  3. tortuga


    What does the Lukeville gas station charge to hold packages?
  4. tortuga

    Shoe Repair

    My shoe repair guy on Luis Encinas is gone. Anyone know of a good shoe repair shop in Penasco?
  5. tortuga

    Sonoyta Low Water Bridge

    Anyone drive the bypass in Sonoyta in the last couple of days? How is it?
  6. tortuga

    Taste of Penasco

    I think that the Taste of Penasco and Iron Chef contest is this Saturday but there has been almost no advertising about it. I went to a potluck tonight with about 30 people, many of who live here full time, and no one new anything about it. Does anyone know when it happens and the schedule?
  7. tortuga

    Telcel Balance

    What is the new number you call to get your Telcel balance? It used to be *333 but it has changed and I can't understand the message I am getting.
  8. tortuga

    Satisfied Frog

    Went with group of 9 to newly opened Satisfied Frog at end of Malecon. Wonderful location and we had a great waitress named Nancy. Food was very good but it took over 30 minutes from when first person was served until last person was served. We are not a big drinking group but bottle beer...
  9. tortuga

    Tiburones Baseball

    Anyone know what's going on with the Tiburones? Schedule?
  10. tortuga

    Old Building Near Mayan Palace

    Does anyone know what the old building is that is on the point southeast of the Mayan Palace?
  11. tortuga

    New Vehicle Permit Regulations

    Does anyone know how the new vehicle permit rules will affect both long and short term visitors to Penasco? Please include any info on Motorhomes and travel trailers.
  12. tortuga

    Forum Times

    :?:The times of the posts on this forum are way off on my computer. Is it something that I can correct? They are off more than 12 hours as "Today" and "Yesterday" are also off.
  13. tortuga


    :?:Is anything wrong with Rosie? Her epaper has not been updated and I haven't seen her on the forum.
  14. tortuga

    Puerto Penasco to San Diego

    :?: I will be driving from Penasco to San Diego next Friday. I will take the new highway to El Golfo then north to Hwy. 2. I will not be towing my 5th wheel. What is the easiest/best crossing to take back into the U.S.?