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    Please read!

    So your HOA also pays for the trash pick up so I guess we should miss your home. It pays for security guards so should somethng happen that directly or indirectly affects your home the guards should disregard you. You are only pnishing yourself by not paying. If you want to change, then run...
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    Encantame Towers Owners

    How many people don"t pay their yearly assessment? How to you plan on paying for these paid professionals? Who would they be ? Mexican nationals who may have an interest in what is happening but we are not aware of or Americans who have no idea of the Mexican way of doing things!
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    Encantame Towers Owners

    If you do not like the current officers then throw your hat into the upcoming election. Put your money where your mouth is. Don't criticize if you are part of the problem and won't do anything to help fix it. Complaining does nothing to fix anything. I personally would not like to do this...
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    [email protected] 638 388 6325
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    Miguel The WIFI guy

    miguel number 638 107 1298 520 432 0202 [email protected]
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    and that fits him to a tee lol
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    Owner is a contractor of high end homes in Scottsdale you would have thought he would have known better
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    I have not been down to see the damage but I do hope the "pier" was eliminated
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    Anything happen to that house that has a pier?
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    Sonoyta exit improvements

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    Encantame Towers, Playa Encanto

    Just went out there yesterday to look around. Had not been there in years. Personally I hope it works out but I find it way to far away and isolated. Went to La Jolla also. I remember when there was great plans for that. I now understand why they are saying the towers will have a starbucks...
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    Buying a house in Las Conchas

    I own in Las Conchas but not beach front. I know the amount of constant maintenance that is required in my home and can only imagine on beachfront. Beachfront is nice but I do not want people in front of my house looking in when I am there. Yes there are not throngs of people on the beach...
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    Money stolen at border

    This report of cash being taken from purses has been noted in other sites. Last Friday as I went by the inspection, they had pulled aside a car with a young couple. I stopped and advised the woman to get her purse. I said there had been issues reported. She chose to ignore the warning and...
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    Forget Real Estate in Rocky Point

    City does not maintain Las Conchas roads even the main one. The community hires people to weekly maintain them for your information.
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    Robberies are increasing now thanks to the Mayor of Puerto Penasco.

    1 hr And so it begins...the house across from CEDO was broken into this afternoon. Broke thru screen an stole purses, wallets and phones. Also the house behind Casa Fiesta was broken into last night and tv was stolen. Very sad to say the least! 6
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    He also wanted the court suits dropped 9B suit really pissed off someone who has the mayors interest or pockets. It was a demand to pay for IMPASS which is a federal program mandated by the mexican government for RP to comply with
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    Las Conchas Guard Casita History

    LC has never refused entry to the beach. The guards would ask where they were going and give them a vistor hang tag. Beach are not private property and no one was ever denied by the guards
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    He demanded that the HOH make a decision on Saturday at the meeting by noon. If we did not he would demolish the casita.First we could not because a quorum of residents was not there to vote. We pissed off someone with the lawsuits over 9B but we also did not do our due dilegence thirty years...
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    help looking for private R.V. spot / no hook ups needed

    no RV in Las Conchas allowed
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    Chari Ainsworth, our Lady Jeeper.

    That is sad news indeed