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    RV parts - shower wand head

    Maybe try the marina store by the fueling station for boats?
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    Yes its true, Sally is dead. I have heard that her son now owns the restaurant and that he will have the same people run it. Time will tell.
  4. cholla

    Sally's Passing

    Is there anymore information? What did she die of? I owe her a catamaran ride, guess that won't happen now.
  5. cholla

    Home appraisal

    Anyone know if there is a way to get an idea what a home in Cholla Bay is worth?
  6. cholla

    F 150 needs a paint job

    A few years ago I had the camper shell painted on my pickup to match. The body shop guys hung out at the Reef trailer park doing moter home repairs. They were good.
  7. cholla

    AC Unit

    Will you give me the contact info for who ever did this work for you? I need to replace the mini split on our house in cholla.
  8. cholla

    No more dog food and Costco chicken under the back seat!

    Trumps fault, eh...
  9. cholla

    New car hit by basket

    We used to go to The Reef and have the motorhome guys paint for us. I have had then fix my motorhome when I jackknifed the trailer and punched a hole in the bumper. Then I have had them paint the topper for my truck to match. Two different trucks. Good work and cheap.
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    Jeep....many of you will cry

    My '51 CJ3A has 5:38 gears. Most I have gotton out of it is about 60mph. I am pretty sure we were going down hill.
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    I know that John at JJs Cantina is heavy into providing bikes for local kids. You can probably ask there, He lives nearby.
  12. cholla

    Watching Oct 9th Prez Debate in Penasco

    JJs Cantina almost always plays Fox News. I'm sure you can see it there. John
  13. cholla

    Bank Trust in Cholla

    I need someone who is a real estate person or Mexican lawyer to help me with the bank trust on our house in Cholla. If you leave your contact info here, I will call in the next day or so. John
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    El Homeport(the fish rots from the head)Penasco Digital report

    Those are the only two choices?
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    Cholla in the 50s

    See if this works. I got it from the facebook.
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    Police are extortionist

    From the article; Motorists will see no change, and if lines get too long, officials say they will also wave pedestrians through. What did Trump do to you again Jerry, put potential crimp in your supply line?
  17. cholla

    Road coming in to RP

    Seems like it would be a lot cheaper to just put a traffic light there.
  18. cholla

    War on Drugs as Ineffective as the War on Terror

    Ahh... Mother Jones again. A lot of innuendo and not a lot of fact. Here comes Kenny...
  19. cholla

    Gone fishing...

    Six years ago now, we buried my brother with the "Gone Fishing" on his gravestone. He was only 46 with the damn cancer but he would have liked this thread. I am sorry for your loss.