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  1. Ed B

    Boat for Sale

    Have to give up the Wanderlust. She's at Safe Marina. PM for more info but if you want to see her Miguel can show you. I might be there this weekend depending on if I get tickets for Joe Walsh and Bad Co but I'll def be there over Memorial Day...
  2. Ed B

    Lost dog.

    She took an unauthorized solo walk and she hasn't come home. Last seen in Tucson beach area. Our house is in between Tucson Beach and JJ's. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Ed B

    Saw a snake today

    This morning I saw a snake outside my house in Cholla. Only saw the tail end as he was scurrying into a bush to hide. Probably around 3 feet long and maybe an inch in diameter. It was tan and didn't have any rings, stripes, rattles or anything. First time I ever saw a snake in Cholla or Rocky...
  4. Ed B

    Totoaba bladder smuggling....

    Fish bladders: Seven people arrested for smuggling fish BLADDERS worth up to $20,000 each that were destined to be made into SOUP | Mail Online
  5. Ed B

    What kind of fish is this?

  6. Ed B

    Whales off Sandy Beach

    Good day on the water on Sunday. :razz:
  7. Ed B

    Fished Cholla Bay on Sunday Morning

    Sunday Morning... Cholla Bay.... Dead low tide... Cast Master with Buck Tail....Hit about 15 feet from shore in the sand right before the rocks.
  8. Ed B

    Can you identify this?

    We were trolling out in front of Encanto on Monday. Caught a few nice size Sierra. As we were getting ready to leave we hooked up this long nosed creature. Thought it might be a Trumpetfish but not sure it matches the pictures I've seen of Trumpetfish. It had beautiful colors like a Dorado too...
  9. Ed B

    New Year's Weekend

    Our friend Errol went out on Saturday New Year's Eve. He goes out most days on his dinghy to catch dinner. Errol was about a mile off shore in his 12ft Caribe dingy with his fishing partner a Brittany Spaniel, CANDI. He was trolling with a deep diving lure , the fish hit and he fought it for...
  10. Ed B


    Does anyone have any information on the status of Esmeralda? Haven't seen any activity in quite awhile. Anyone know the behind the scenes drama as to why it's not getting done or if it ever will? Lot's of talk here about Las Palomas on here but never hear about this place.
  11. Ed B

    4th of July Birthday - dmcauley

    Happy Birthday Dan:gofishing:
  12. Ed B

    What it looks like for this weekend.

    Time to go get em!
  13. Ed B

    Fishing Charter

    Anyone have a recommendation for a charter in San Diego. 4 guys, August 18 for a day of tuna fishing. Don't want the party boat, just a decent captain and a decent boat with reasonable rates.
  14. Ed B

    Fishing Report for Monday 6/22

    Saw the water really flatten out Sunday night at Sunset and decided if it's flat when we wake up we stay and fish. It was flat and we stayed. Left Safe Marine on The Wanderlust around 9am. Saw dolphins in front of Old Port playing as we were leaving. That's a good sign. Made bait and headed out...