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  1. JGattheSea

    ProAlliance Insurance

    were you ever respected in the community?
  2. JGattheSea

    ProAlliance Insurance

    dry heat said in earlier post he own no property in Mexico? just had auto insurance? now he has 2? Reviews his fabrications?
  3. JGattheSea

    Roger Clyne 10/4 & 10/5

    October 4th & 5th .... JJ's & the Reef... I'm one one week off so bummed will miss it :(
  4. JGattheSea

    Waiting For October

    Yes October is great! Basically take the whole month off to enjoy Penasco after being away for July, August, & September! Then maintain our fix with monthly trips until July hits again :)
  5. JGattheSea

    Labor Day is coming

    We don't go July, August, September because hot and humid but make up for missing it and go almost the entire month of October :)
  6. JGattheSea

    Rosie Glover

    no worries .. just got off the phone with her and had a great conversation ... she updated us on the project and we are so excited to see it happening! Thanks Rosie!
  7. JGattheSea

    Rosie Glover

    Anyone know how to get a hold of her? I have tried but have not had any luck. Maybe my contact information is out of date? Thanks.
  8. JGattheSea

    A/c maintenance

    Carlos at the Sea ... The guy just gives it check up and changes filter and etc... David does all of Privada too I guess
  9. JGattheSea

    A/c maintenance

    We just use David thru Carlos at the HOA office ... 3x a year service/check think its $90 a year. I know RockypointDan uses another that checks everything like fridge and washer etc but it was quite a bit more expensive.
  10. JGattheSea

    Alejandro Portugal Insurance

    Why I stick with Rosie at ProAlliance :)
  11. JGattheSea

    QUESTION - Good Restaurants close to Las Polomas!

    Max's, Cha Chas Sportsbar, Erick Burger, El Greco's, Rosy's, Xochitl's, Figaro's pizza delivers, Sonoran Grill at Sonoran Spa, Burro's del Rey,Molcajete's .... off the top of my head
  12. JGattheSea

    Colostomy bags desperately needed in Peñasco

    a friend from Cali and one from Canada .. sent me enough to buy 6 more boxes so ordered them and hopefully get them just as fast before we head down next week ... PIF rocks! :)
  13. JGattheSea

    Colostomy bags desperately needed in Peñasco

    I was really surprised how fast!
  14. JGattheSea

    Colostomy bags desperately needed in Peñasco

    Hey Rosie got the boxes I ordered so will have some for you when we arrive next week :) Emailed you about a friend that has medical supply company to she if she can hook me up with more at an even cheaper price! Will let you know as I find out :P
  15. JGattheSea

    Colostomy bags desperately needed in Peñasco

    Rosie- it is the second one down on the list 14204 at least from the picture you shared :)
  16. JGattheSea

    Colostomy bags desperately needed in Peñasco

    Bill you rock! Great minds think alike I too ordered 4 boxes before I posted the link LOL! Hopefully I get them in the mail before I head down to RP next week!
  17. JGattheSea

    Colostomy bags desperately needed in Peñasco

    cheapest I have found online FYI Hollister New Image Flexwear Skin Barrier Ctf - HS 14202,HS 14203,HS 14204,Hollister,Hollister New Image Two piece Flexwear skin barrier,new image 2-piece flexwear cut to fit skin barrier,flexwear barrier | TotalHomeCareSupplies
  18. JGattheSea

    Iron Chef/ Taste of Penasco 2013

    Well Rosie will will have our donation ready for the event! Thanks for all your hard work in coordinating with us! Should be the best yet! See you or talk to you tomorrow when we arrive!
  19. JGattheSea

    Whales off Sandy Beach

    they were around for 2 day .. at least I watched them both times ... need stronger binoculars now :) fun to see and watch though
  20. JGattheSea


    Rosie is the BOMB! ... highly recommended! She has all our policies & helps us keep PIF to the community with her knowledge & drive to help not just the expats but the locals & visitors that make Puerto Peñasco the best place to be! IMHO!