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    Surf Fishing around Mayan Resort

    I was searching around Amazon the other day and saw a Kindle book. Where the fish are, a guide to fishing Puerto Penasco. I haven't checked it out yet, but for a $1.99 it might be worth it.
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    Saying hello, and asking my gringolandia questions now that I am moving to Rocky Point

    Granted it does have it's challenges, but that is the same no matter where you choose to live. I just feel that some people were trying to scare JulieArtist off, with comments about being trapped in Cholla because of the road condition and the high cost of electricity.
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    Saying hello, and asking my gringolandia questions now that I am moving to Rocky Point

    Julieartist, don't let these people scare you away from checking out Cholla Bay. I'm willing to bet that no one responding to you lives full time in Cholla Bay. There are a handful of us that live here full time even throughout the summer months, unlike the other weekend warriors or so called...
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    Fisherman found by Family

    So happy the guy got rescued, especially before it got dark. Just wondering if he was spinning around for hours or did he get caught in one of the many illegal gill nets that are put out every evening in cholla? Just saying... that's a lot of fishing line around his ankle. Just saying.
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    Critical water shortage in Penasco

    Any updated on the water situation?
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    Aluminum welder

    Thank you I will check them out.
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    Aluminum welder

    Can anyone recommend someone who does quality aluminum welding in Puerto Penasco? A Mobil service would be a big plus
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    Fishing in November

    That's a big Pompano I'd love to see a picture of it. I've fished here for over 30 years and the biggest pompano I've seen is 2 lbs.
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    Wood Spinner, Yes I have eaten at that Chinese restaurant, it has been a couple years. There was four of us and we all had a great meal, clean restaurant, good service, and no one got sick. Only reason I don't go there too often is that Nuevo Canzu is closer to my house and I think they are...
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    The Chinese restaurants in penasco are great! We live here and go out quite offten. Our favorite one is Nuevo Canzu on the road behind San Jose clinic on the main road in. Another good one is the one where the old Brothers Pizza joint use to be. We usually order the express meal and there is...
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    Couple of questions on Surf and Kayak Fishing by the Mayan

    Covina usually make a good run in October. As for flounder they usually hit the shoreline when the weather cools more, Late November to February are usually the best months for flounder from the shore. I have found the best lure for flounder is a 3" white grub on a 3/4 oz jig head dragged across...
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    What's with the southbound interrogation?

    Came down yesterday around 10 am. Green light hardly slowed down.
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    Garage Door Dilemma-Help!

    I also have a garage door that will not open. No window or man door, only access is through the metal roll up door. No electric opener. It seems that the cable or metal rod on one side of the t-handle broke or came off. Any ideas?
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    The Satisfied Frog/Anita and Jesus

    Went to the Frog last night for dinner. My wife ordered the beef ribs and I got the fried chicken. Food was excellent and the beer was very cold. Wait staff was was great. I went to the Frog back when they first opened and had a few complaints with the whole experience. They seem to have worked...
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    Claiming The Title

    Go for it Joe. I don't think anyone is even competing in the kayak category. Good Luck.
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    Looking for a place to stay in Cholla Bay

    Check out Ron Rico's just as you get into Cholla. Everyone I know who have stayed there say they are very nice clean rooms and they allow pets. I think they are around $40 a night. I can't find a number, but maybe someone else can get you the info. Usually they always have rooms available.
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    Fish Story for November 28, 2014

    Nice fish. Great job releasing that Black!
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    Peso on the rise

    The peso has been steadily rising. 13.91 today. Any idea or predictions if it is suppose to level off?
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    Satisfied Frog

    The hot dog guy would be Chon's and he is the best in town. Been eating there for 20+ years.
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    Where to Leave Firearms

    I believe the Travel Store in Why use to store guns for a couple bucks a day. Here's their number 520-387-7783