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    Same David Butterfield??

    Thrown 8 meters from the rolled vehicle, apparently no seat belt
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    Same David Butterfield??

    Volcamiento deja un hombre estadounidense fallecido en Puerto Peñasco *Los hechos ocurrieron la madrugada de hoy sobre el bulevar Costa Diamante, acceso a carretera al Golfo de Santa Clara Un hombre identificado como Daniel Christopher Butterfield, de 46 años de edad falleció luego de volcar...
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    Cruises to start 2019. Make your reservation now.

    You know what? I would prefer the cruise doesn't wad up the old port, the border, the restaurants etc. But it's not all about me. The local economy can use a boost. And it's not about saving the local dogs. Save the people. As I do in other places, avoid the port when the ship is in because the...
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    Cruises to start 2019. Make your reservation now.

    How did they do with sales? I imagine it cost a bit to float that boat over here. Heard some haters say sales were dismal.
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    Bodies Found

    Mind vomit
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    Las C Fiber Optic installed

    I firmly believe Telmex and Telcel cycle their internet to boot off users that are parked there . I put a light timer on mine to cycle the power and keep my cameras working when I am gone. Any "cycling" issues with the new fiber optic? Sorry to beat this dead horse but I changed last spring to...
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    Huge sewage spill

    At this time, OOMAPAS is estimating that the repair of the major leak of sewage will be completed by Tuesday evening. There are many moving parts to accomplish this. It is possible that an additional 24 hours will be required. That's from HOA 30 minutes ago
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    Huge sewage spill

    I also drove thru it , twice. Thought it was water. That's gonna suck for the bikers if they don't get it open. So the 10 acres behind Bryans is where it went. I would imagine it will make it's way to the sea. Sand is an excellent filter but......
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    Miguel The WIFI guy

    Roberto, por favor, how often does your new internet go down?
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    And the sea was angry that day my friend
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    Las Conchas Guard Casita History

    So, is this problem unique to Las Conchas or are the other beach communities experiencing a dramatic uptick in thievery? Can you ride a quad on the playa in Encanto or Miramar? I will now set my alarm when I go to the Playa. Are there still guard casetas in those other communities?
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    Las C Fiber Optic installed

    sounds confusing
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    Las C Fiber Optic installed

    Great Roberto! That speed is unheard of there. Now. The questions are: what happens on a busy weekend and does it only work part time down there? I just switched from Telmex crappy wired system to Telcel and it's barely an improvement. With all the theivin' going on in LC I would like to put...
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    Does a Kodi box work in Mexico? Who is using what gadgets to get tv in PP?

    Depends on the wires in the street apparently. Mine was horrible and they refused to repair the street, Telcel has a shitty signal and works about 80 percent of the time. Super slow on busy weekends. Can't stream. looking for a couple testimonials on the new fiber optic? Anyone?
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    Does a Kodi box work in Mexico? Who is using what gadgets to get tv in PP?

    Are you using the new telmex fiber optic?
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    Port ready yet?

    Cool! Looking forward to some trip reports. I would love to really see the sea of cortez
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    Encantame Towers Owners

    Easy there Turbo. They gotta finish it before you realize the gain.
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    If you have a government issued ID they will not deny you entry, drivers license, military ID etc
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    Safety Tip

    Yeah,a few years ago they came and got my TV and anything else that had a plug on it.
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    Telmex fiber optic

    Any reviews on new WFi service in Las Conchas?