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  1. JGattheSea

    Roger Clyne 10/4 & 10/5

    October 4th & 5th .... JJ's & the Reef... I'm one one week off so bummed will miss it :(
  2. JGattheSea

    Rosie Glover

    Anyone know how to get a hold of her? I have tried but have not had any luck. Maybe my contact information is out of date? Thanks.
  3. JGattheSea

    Just wondering if ......

    Just gonna toss this out there to the Penasco people that will be be heading home post January Jams ... I need to get a bike back to the states and plan to be leaving from Penasco on 1/29 ... if anyone has an empty trailer and willing to help me transport the bike home (Chandler, AZ) I would be...
  4. JGattheSea

    Penasco Palooza PART DUEX: the redo 12/29/12

    At least that's what Home of the Brave posted on FaceBook!
  5. JGattheSea

    IMPORTANT and NEEDED ASAP ... life changing need in my humble opinion!

    Probably one of the most important posts I will make... Puerto Peñasco NEEDS a hemodialysis clinic! The lives and quality of those lives that can be changed when not to having to make arduous trips hundreds of miles away to Caborca, Nogales, Hermosillo, or wherever every other day for life...
  6. JGattheSea

    Where can I buy a sewing machine in Penasco?

    I looked and Sam's and Bodega. Coppels I went to but the closed right as we pulled up. Thanks for any clue where I can get one for our friend Rosario, who btw brought us some very tasty chicken and mole and rice ... YUM!!!
  7. JGattheSea

    PIF & PIB ... how do you do it?

  8. JGattheSea

    Rolling Rockies Raffle fundraiser info FYI if you had not heard :)
  9. JGattheSea

    ponders ... old is new again
  10. JGattheSea

    Our terrifying trip .... listen for the screams LOL
  11. JGattheSea

    Lots of bodies on the beach ... and all ALIVE and enjoying!
  12. JGattheSea

    Rocky Point Ramblings show is on air right now.....

    just thought I would give ya a reminder :)
  13. JGattheSea

    Hopefully toes in the sand by noon tomorrow! *\o/*

    Not sure whats going on but figured we could drop of some Adopt-A-Classroom stuff, maybe check out the Rolling Rockies practice, eat some tasty food, and of course toss back a few cold ones to start! :P
  14. JGattheSea

    Adopt-A-Classroom .... the new school year is just around the corner!

    so lets get prepared! :) Hopefully this is a little start to get the school year started off right!
  15. JGattheSea

    just saying ....

    Let us carefully observe those good qualities wherein our enemies excel us; and endeavor to excel them, by avoiding what is faulty, and imitating what is excellent in them. -- Plutarch
  16. JGattheSea


    A/C not cooling rut roh! Fan blows when set to manual but no cooling .... not what I was planning for this week in Rocky Point ... hope its a simple aka cheap fix! Just replaced the one in AZ in May $$$ ... but on a good note I am here and its beautiful as ever!
  17. JGattheSea

    T minus 43 hours!!! just saying!

  18. JGattheSea

    okay now about T minus 53 or less :P

  19. JGattheSea

    T minus 6 days till toes in the sand!

  20. JGattheSea

    just a simple reminder.... and heart felt thanks.

    "A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. - Joseph Campbell" Remember, respect, and reciprocate to those that have given the most.... their lives. Thank you to all the men & women that have sacrificed for OUR children, families, and friends..... we can...