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    Encantame Towers Owners

    last time I was out there they were still driving pilings and cementing them in the ground. They must be 50 ft long. Quite a thing to watch. Also, they have built quite a road to the job site that parallels encanto road. Hauled a lot of dirt.
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    Thanksgiving storm

    Storm over Thanksgiving do any damage. Rains okay. How is the road to Playa Encanto.
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    Bodies Found

    Stuart, Please kill this thread so that we can get rid of this political garbage.
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    Bodies Found

    Let me decide who to kill.... Let me decide.
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    Miguel The WIFI guy

    His website is not .com. Also, his telephone number is 052-638-107-1298 last time I called him.
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    Group Activities

    Check Rocky Point Times, they list all kinds of organizations.
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    Hurricane Lorena coming to Penasco??

    Thanks Terry. Looks like a 2 day dry out.
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    Hurricane Lorena coming to Penasco??

    How did the Playa Encanto Road fare with the rains?
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    Hurricane Lorena coming to Penasco??

    Does that mean the Playa Encanto road will be washed out again?
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    Encantame Towers Owners

    Any body know where they are getting water or what they are doing for sewage disposal?
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    Bloody Mary mix

    Most OXXOs carry it
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    Found a great Panaderia

    Been there forever. Has 3 cats that are very friendly too. His empanadas de crema are also great.
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    Robberies are increasing now thanks to the Mayor of Puerto Penasco.

    Nope, just drive in. Not that they ever checked in the past.
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    Refrigerator in RP

    I bought a whole kitchen from Muebles Coloniales. Prices were fair and free delivery.
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    Looking for recommendations for rehab contractor

    Second Roberto's recommendation. Fernando is excellent.
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    Encantame Towers, Playa Encanto

    They graded a road from the road to Playa Encanto to the lot. This was before the flood so I don't know if it is still there.
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    The peninsula that turned into an island

    Thank you for the info.
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    The peninsula that turned into an island

    What's the status of the road to Playa Encanto. Passable, 2WD, 4WD, boat.
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    Fmm Question

    Last I knew immigration office is on the right as you cross the border. Park your car and walk back to it. You can get your paperwork there and also pay for it. Don't forget to turn it in when you leave mexico (before the due date).
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    Esmeralda Resort Ribbon Cutting

    Stuart, There is no way you can compare your site to Facebook. Facebook has 1.2 billion users. If you scaled this site up to those numbers there is no way you could provide this service for free. It would cost millions of dollars to handle the traffic. As for a "love hate relationship" with...