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  1. ckyevanjay

    had a great few days of fishing last week

    Was down for 7 days and had about 3-4 days of good fishing weather, the rest was jusy windy as hell. Tide times were a bit odd but had a few really good calm AM tides and then a couple rougher incoming tides in the afternoon. Was fishing with lighter tackle this time with a 5 foot rod and 6lb...
  2. ckyevanjay

    water shortage

    Group that was in our condo this week just reported they had to leave a day early because of no water. They said city is out of water as of today from holiday weekend crowds. Took them 2 hours to get into US side at the border as well. Can anyone confirm or deny how the city water situation is...
  3. ckyevanjay

    Heading down Thursday

    Hey guys, time for our yearly June trip. Ill be fishing from the shore and a bit from the kayak as usual. tides4fishing looking great for this weekend but appears it will be a scorcher. Hope the bait are running like they have been last few years in June. Pics to come over the weekend
  4. ckyevanjay

    6/4 - 6/12 report

    We were down in LC for 7 days and had a blast like we do every June. Fishing wasn't what it was this time last year but still caught a bunch. High and low tide times were off compared to last year. High tides around very early AM and then not again until late PM made for less action. Bait balls...
  5. ckyevanjay

    Shorefishing first weekend of June

    Ill be down with a large group in LC from the 6th to the 11th. I will be shore fishing as usual and hoping for the best. Will get the kayaks out as well and fish. Best of luck to all cant wait to get down there!
  6. ckyevanjay

    fishin video from june 2013

    Put together this video using iMovie. I recorded myself catching a bunch of fish using a GoPro 2 and a chesty mount. 2 bonefish and a fatty rock bass on a lure are the highlights of this for me. Cant wait t get back down again in Feb and June. Thanks
  7. ckyevanjay

    hassled again on my way back into US

    We hit the border about 930am yesterday morning with no line at all. Working k9 began to bark at the back of my truck and i knew automatically i was in for a load of BS again. Proceeded to the inspections area and was asked a load of questions. Was taken into the waiting area where the guy at...
  8. ckyevanjay

    Sonoran hot dog

    I have just spent 30 minutes searching the forum trying to find out where this hot dog stand is at and no luck. If anyone can provide name and location that would be huge. Thanks
  9. ckyevanjay

    fishing 6.7 - 6.12

    Will be down for our yearly June trip. Ill be terrorizing the beach in Las Conchas as i always do 4-5 times a year. Cant wait to get a line out and catch some fish. Last June trip it was windy just about every day and made fishing windows very small during tides. Hoping for small amounts of wind...
  10. ckyevanjay

    Sprouts selling "Sea of Cortez Halibut" for 11.00/lb

    Somebody confirm that this is not just over priced flounder they are selling? Also they claim its a product of the USA which means they would have had to catch it in the pacific in which it should be a california halibut right? Im no expert here on this specie but everything I read says the sea...
  11. ckyevanjay

    Brandon Webb in RP

    Spotted Former AZ Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon Webb in La Curva on Friday night. Doubt anyone knew who he was but me and my brother. Shame what happened to his arm which just recently forced him into retirement.
  12. ckyevanjay

    weekend fishing report and name this fish

    Weather was awesome this weekend but the fishing was very slow. I caught this unnamed fish on Friday the 15th and nothing on the 16th not even a bite. On the 17th we fished the incoming tide from as far out as we could and were able to bring in about 12 fish in roughly a 1 hour window then the...
  13. ckyevanjay

    fishing mid Feb

    Finally getting back down since June 12. Had a rough June going but did catch some Sargo's from the shore in rough waters. Will be fishing that whole weekend from the shore again in Las Conchas. Still trying to catch my first flounder from the shore.....
  14. ckyevanjay

    burned by the wind but caught a few fish

    It was super windy all weekend while I was there and of course this AM it was glass. Was supposed to go out on the about time on saturday but marina was red flagged. Remainder of the group still in RP should be going out tomorrow while I had to come back to town. Fished high tide sat and sunday...
  15. ckyevanjay

    anybody fish over the long weekend?

    I didnt go down but suprised there are no fishing reports yet from the memorial day weekend....
  16. ckyevanjay

    Looking for a charter for June 9

    Going to be in RP with a large group and we are looking to reel in some big fish. Anyone going to be down that weekend wanting to take a group out for a fee? Goin to use Hammer hopefully If not. Can't wait!!!
  17. ckyevanjay

    Weekend fishing

    Got skunked plain and simple. Only fished from shore during high tide and got maybe 2 bites. Fished lures and bait and couldn't manage to bring in a single fish. Weather was awesome though would've liked to fish Monday afternoon but had to head out. Saw an inflatable out there with a motor on it...
  18. ckyevanjay

    shore slam

    anyone got any ideas of what fish a shore slam would consist of in RP? Id like to think 3 or 4 fish..any other thoughts? Rock bass Trigger Flounder Corvina would be cool to get something like that trending or just an overall achievement. the RP Shore SLAM. Also might require drinking a good...
  19. ckyevanjay

    shore fishing was a blast!

    Was down from thurs till this tuesday and caught a mess of fish between about 4 of us. On Monday around noon we caught 3 corvinas with the one in my pic being the largest. caught a variety of fish this trip and tried night fishing for the first time and caught the shovelnose guitarfish, what...
  20. ckyevanjay

    topwater lures and jig fishing from shore

    anybody ever throw topwater lures or even troll them? Im going to try out some topwater fishing in the shallower tidewater to keep from losing my metal in the rocks. sometimes my 1oz lures dive into the rocks before i get a chance to flip the bail over when im chuckin them 30 yards. Ive got...