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    You cannot leave your home for a walk.

    Guess we will just have to have fun at home and be safe!
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    mask articale

    The masks mostly protect the other guy. I wear a mask to protect you and you wear one to protect me. hang in there people
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    We are shut down!

    Thank you to all of you who are in Penasco. Getting timely information is well appreciated and hard to come by. I hope this all clears soon. Cant wait to get back!
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    How did you find Puerto Penasco

    Way Back in 2012... Drew a circle on a map and looked for somewhere we could go that didnt freeze had water and palm trees. When i say map i mean old paper map. First stop Lake Havasu then San Diego then San Felipe for 10 days. Really liked San Felipe but too quiet for the wife. We wondered what...
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    Puerto Penasco shutting down. What have you heard?

    Just heard that Rocky Point is shutting down all sales of alchohol possibly all of mexico. Cant be true can it? what is going on?
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    Puerto Penasco shutting down. What have you heard?

    Heard from a friend yesterday that she was the only one on Sandy beach in front of the resorts. Policia came over and told her to immediately leave. Cant be mad at the policia its not their decision. Wondering how semana santa going to shape. Are the beaches being shut down to discourage tourist...
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    Peso Falling vs Dollar

    Just wondering, is a 12 pack of bud light still 90 pesos at super ley?
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    Peso Falling vs Dollar

    OK I willl admit its my fault. Opened an intercam account a month or so ago. Put it into a peso account at 18.5 thinking as summer was starting might go to 16.5. :(
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    We have an accepted offer on a property in PP through remax. Have already wired the earnest money to Secure title Latin America whos account is at citi bank in the US. Secure Title seems to check out. any one else have any experience with them? The property we bought years ago was thruogh...
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    How many detection tests have been done here?

    What a great idea to send someone out to test at home. Could be done at the front door with minimal contact. Would get more difficult as demand grows. Any updates on if any positive test in PP?
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    Puerto Penasco shutting down. What have you heard?

    Got a notice from my property manager that they are going to shut the water valves off as there is no renters in the foreseeable future. Usually this time of year is busy. We could get through a slow season but what about the locals? No restaurant, bar or shopping income and what about the...
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    Puerto Penasco shutting down. What have you heard?

    I have my Residente Permanente but my wife does not. Wondering if We can get into Mexico not too worried about getting. Also hearing some of the resorts are shutting down?
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    Putting MX condo in family trust

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a Notario in PP? Our realestate company wants to use Jorge Valdes at Real Consulting but I am thinking of hiring a notario to double check everything.
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    Bus Accident Boxing Team

    Any one hear anything about a bus accident with a youths boxing team out of PP?
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    Kayak Rental?

    Hey MJ Donia and Ernie have a bunch they rent out not sure how much. I know they will even deliver. 480 465 6691 638 107 5591 or website
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    bank reccomendation

    Finally got residency and starting to make a small amount on the rental. Any experiences with the local banks to start a small savings account?
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    Forgot to add that we have been working with Fabian out of remax for a few years now. He has been very knowledgeable helpful and patient with us.
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    Thinking of purchasing a property in PP. Some of the properties we are interested in are in an Az llc. Our realtor says that being in an llc a notario does not need to be involved. I understand this because the bank trust would remain the same but how do I find out that the trust is actually...
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    Astoria being retired .Great article on the Astoria. Was hoping to go next year but :(
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    Inshore Panga fishing - no trigger & rock bass

    I really like the idea of the close in panga fishing. Save time and $$. Thinking of hanging out at cholla ramp and asking around a bit and will keep checking for any recommendations. Thank you all!