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    San Carlos fishing charter

    Looking for a good man with a boat that can take us out for a day or two in San Carlos mid-September. There are two of us. We normally fish Puerto Lobos and would like to get some species we seldom or never get there. We're especially interested in Dorado. Don't want billfish. There's a...
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    Port ready yet?

    Lately I've received inquiries from friends about the cruise departure advertised for December 7 of this year. Have they been making major progress on the port and I just haven't heard about it?
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Can anyone steer me to a Yamaha outboard dealer closer than a thousand miles from here? Doesn't seem to be one in Arizona. We're looking for a new 25 - 35 Yamaha to push a 26-foot coastal panga. We've been using an old 2-stroke 40 HP Merc and a 4-stroke 9.9 Yamaha. The 9.9 uses very little...
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    Restaurants by the lighthouse?

    El Capitan is a good one, but we used to have another choice. The Lighthouse closed or was sold and renamed something about vino and pan, and the new one did not receive good reviews and had folded when we were down there a year ago. Has it re-opened under a new name and management? And if...
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    Reliable snap swivels?

    I've been buying Shellure ball bearing swivels through Amazon. When a fish broke my 80 lb swivel I upsized to 127 lbs, but I'm still not confident. What do you guys buy for the big boys?
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    Killer whales!

    Look what's turned up near Lobos. There were several of them. I believe this picture (taken Jan. 4, I believe) and some others I've seen originated from Arturo, who operates Arturo's Diving and Fishing Tours. His Facebook page https://www.facebook...07771562777888/ has video showing...
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    Vaquita war

    I'm watching this with keen interest. Mexican fishermen burn boat, demand environmentalists out By MARK STEVENSON Associated Press MARCH 27, 2017 — 3:35PM MEXICO CITY — Dozens of fishermen have burned a boat as part of a threat to force out a ship operated by the Sea Shepherd Conservation...
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    Red tide restrictions lifted?

    Anyone know if oysters, clams and other mollusks are being sold again in Rocky Point? Also, is the oyster farm at Marua estuary still operating and serving meals?
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    Fishing licenses on line?

    Can you get them this way? Holiday weekend and federal es are out in boats checking. Penasco city hall is closed today
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    Vaquita, totoaba protection not working

    Not really a news flash for people around here, but I thought it was good the Associated Press picked this up. It ran in papers around the U.S. Experts: Mexico's Vaquita...
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    Hotel coming in Puerto Lobos

    Anyone like to catch fish like this? [AT TACH=full]7645[/ATTACH] Now that I have your attention, I’ll continue. I caught that fish near Puerto Lobos, two hours south of Rocky Point. In the past year and half, I’ve made eight trips there. We're lucky to be able to camp under a ramada on...
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    Fish identification

    Just when I think I've got these SOC fish and their multiple names figured out, something happens to make me doubt myself. Is this a sardinero? Is this a leopard grouper? Or are leopard groupers and sardineros one and the same? And if so, which is which, and what's the other one...
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    U of A study on intimidation of Mexico's press

    Gosh... who would have ever thought it... I do find it important that, as the study points out, Mexican journalists funnel information to US reporters who can print what can't be...
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    Story on Rocky Point violence

    This story appeared in yesterday's (Sunday) print edition of Tucson's Az Daily Star. Violence fuels fears about Rocky Point, but diehards don't fret
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    Rocky Point Crime: Are we there yet?

    All I know is what I read in the newspaper, plus what I think I know about how Americans will react to what THEY read in the newspaper. Check out the story in today's Az Daily Star. Is this the incident that puts a chill on Arizona tourists like nothing we've seen before? Home invasion on...
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    Quick questions

    Heading down this week to shake a case of cabin fever. Plan to stay in Rocky Pt Mon. night, El Desemboque Tues. nite and somewhere else Wed. nite depending on this and that. Went looking on the forum for things I've seen but couldn't find them in a search, so once again... What's the good...
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    Budget lodging for a solo trip?

    I'm considering a trip down next week to explore some new places and do a little fishing. I'd like to check out Santo Tomas, Salinas, Jaguey and possibly some other spots farther south. For various reasons, I haven't been successful recruiting travel companions, so I'll be coming alone...
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    Wireless internet in RP?

    Are there any restaurants or other public establishments where I can take my laptop and check email? The last few times I've gone to Rocky Point I've rented a place that has wireless internet, but the place I'm renting this time does not.
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    If memory serves me right, there's a shack at the estuary beyond Las Conchas where locals sell clams. There might also be clams at the fish market, and I suppose I could gather my own. Are clams around Rocky Point fairly plentiful and good to eat?
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    Drug murders 2 weeks ago?

    About Dec. 18 the Az Daily Star ran the story below about six people murderered near Rocky Point. I was hoping to pick up the scuttlebutt on this forum, but I don't find mention of it anywhere. Where did it take place? What's being said around town about it? Are the narcos increasing their...