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    Turtle hatchings 2018

    Between Dorada and Miramar. Hearsay, but the one who told he came upon it is well-known . . credible . . .
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    Turtle hatchings 2018

    Oh, never mind. A neighbor says he found a dead hatchling in tire tracks in the sand yesterday.
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    What are the chances the Gov't will close Lukeville?

    Yep -- We gave him our business for many of his window-cleaning years, and -- after learning that he now merely stands with cup in hand rather than squeegee because his remaining arm has become arthritic -- we continue to acknowledge him.
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    Turtle hatchings 2018

    Here's hoping the yahoos keep their vehicles off the beaches this season. . .
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    New Penasco airport or Mayan airport

    Based on personal observation, I believe that it is being used by private and military. Have not observed commercial. I did get the guards -- a few years back, when a few charter flights were running -- to let me enter to visit the terminal. Nice place. Apparently the "massive investment...
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    I'm guessing that it is a result of all the rain . . . . flooding . . . . decay . . . perfect breeding grounds.
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    I would venture to say that the vast majority of folks agree and appreciate your efforts, Stuart (and Tyler). Only a few – who given rules and regs, and who sign on to those rules and regs -- then ignore the rules and regs. They interpret lack of response / argument to be acknowledgement of...
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    For those apparently trying to make a (political) point, I’ll refrain from responding on how immigration stats have absolutely nothing to do with existing law. Totally moot. After all, that would be a political argument, which is prohibited.
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    Flooded roads

    Hey Beverly! Unless we hear something discouraging (like more rain), we'll be risking it as well. I'm pretty confident, based on a couple factors. First, on another thread yesterday, Roberto said: The Caborca road is open at least as far as the Mayan. The water flow across the highway has...
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    Road to Playa Dorado

    When it was first washed out, access was available via Mayan Palace. If Mayan is still cooperating (and I would think they are), you can take the Mayan entrance; then turn westward to the Miramar / Dorada road (through Mayan's service gate), and past Miramar to enter Dorada from the east side...
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    Mayan Palace

    I, for one, was confused by the question. Most refer to the road to and past Mayan Palace as the Caborca Road. (I, too, am curious about its status.) But the road to Puerto Lobos would be (I believe) the road beyond Caborca.
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    Dog Health Certificates

    So what is a yearly health certificate and where do you obtain it? My vet doesn't even know about such a thing.
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    Hurricane a comin .

    Yep. That's what I heard today as well. Was told that an SUV could definitely pass through the somewhat receding washes en route to Mayan.
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    Hurricane a comin .

    Just saw a huge caravan of trucks, panga, marine vehicles come up the beach through Dorada to the Miramar Road.
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    Hurricane a comin .

    Does anyone happen to know about the Caborca-to-Sonoyta route . . . . if it is a relatively easy trip, with decent road conditions?
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    Well, to Tyler's original point, it didn't work. Rants and raves weren't duly confined to Rants and Raves -- so I can appreciate his reminder to keep it civil.
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    Hurricane a comin .

    Yeah . . . .I meant to say that Dorada and Luna Blanca are served by another transformer.
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    Hurricane a comin .

    Encanto is served by a transformer in Encanto. Dorada and Miramar are served by another transformer (the one at the entrance gate). Not sure that that is a consolation to those east of Encanto, but hoping that if one goes down, it does not necessarily include the other. Meanwhile, we too have...
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    Hurricane a comin .

    Perused the estuary this AM and talked to some newcomers (yes -- people arrived as of late). Dorada / Miramar Road still closed, although no longer submerged. Caborca Road Kilo 17 still impassable by smaller vehicles . . . . Large SUVs and Trucks can barely traverse, (A Honda CRV barely made...