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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    I have been in Penasco over 20 yrs. I really need to go down to Bella and do some work on my condo. A client told my husband that if you are over 65 you can't get into Penasco. I looked in the mirror and yes we are both over 65. Also I always bring my dog.. He was told the rules change daily.
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    So I guess this is not a good time for me to drive down to do some work at Bella.
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    Going back across the border 5/14/2020

    I do not think I will go down for awhile.
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    Another load of books

    The book store in Green Valley gave me another load of books yesterday to bring down. I need to come down before I head to Oregon.
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    Driving in a Mercedes to RP? Safety?

    I have been going to my place in Penasco for 30 yrs. Sometime I go alone. I have never felt threatened in any way. Yes I always come and go in day light. One time I had a flat tire outside of Penasco and some guys(no English) changed for me and would only take cans of cold pop.
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    Pickle Ball

    I printed this out and will put it in my condo. Thanks
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    Time capsule videos

    I really enjoyed that. I have only been there 20 years.
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    Thank you for his email and phone number.
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    My husband wants to call or email Jose Galvan. Any one have contact info?
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    Thank you
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    I need an attorney in Penasco. Six or seven years ago I got one that did nothing but take money. Has anyone ever got one that finished the job?. It is about a trust issue.
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    I have had a place there for 20 years. I have never felt unsafe there. I all those years I had everything happen--emergency room visit, dog illness, car problems, condo problems. Never once id I ever have any trouble getting help to fix whatever problem there was.
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    Encantame Towers Owners

    I have owned at SPA, Bella, and Las Palomas. All were finished and used but now I have gotten rid of all but one and will sell Bella and go to Havasu Getting too old for MX.
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    I am 73 and have owned in Penasco over 30 years. I feel very safe there. I have owned at Spa. Las Palomas and Bella. I do not drive from Tucson at night. I do not carry a gun in Mexico and I have a 10 lb yapper dog. A day will come when I will have to not drive down but I grew up in Hawaii...
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    I looked at those and thought they looked good for the price.
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    Xmas Playa Miramar?

    I have been driving done for 20 years and I am over 70. I don't drive at night. I do not drive at night in Tuscon. My gas tank is full, my cell is charged and I call home when I cross into MX and when I reach Bella. Everyone is happy.
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    I am going to sell my condo at Bella Sirena. I need a relator. My husband is licensed in Green Valley AZ. I f any one is interested my number is 520 490 3420.
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    Anyone have pictures I can share? I used to own there when I was younger. Not on the ocean but the wind and sand damage could get really bad.
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    I grew up in Kailua HI on the beach. 50 yrs ago my parents gave up and moved off the beach. You just could not win. Shifting tides, winds, storms. One day it was no longer worth it.
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    Lost Chihuahua

    i hope you found him.