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  1. EarlM

    Mexican news and information sources in English

    I thought it might be a good idea to provide a list of links to fact based news and information sources for people who want to read about what is going on in Mexico during this health crisis. For those of us who are residents of Puerto Penasco full time (and don't live on Facebook), it is...
  2. EarlM

    Pool Construction Contractor

    Hello all, Looking to see if anyone can recommend someone in Rocky Point who can do shotcrete or gunnite work to build an in ground pool. They do not need to do the plumbing or wring part of the pool construction, just to concrete/rebar work. I know there are two concrete pumping boom trucks...
  3. EarlM


    Anyone have any idea what happened last night (Tuesday) at around 12:30AM? Heard several bursts of large semi-automatic fire as well as what sounded like handgun fire. It sounded like some sort of gun battle back and forth. Could not tell location but was quite loud while inside our house...
  4. EarlM

    Phone Scam - Local twist

    Hello All, Just wanted to share an experience I just had with a caller on our land line in Rocky Point... I had a caller tell me he is my "neighbor John from down the street", he spoke English perfectly, he asked "if I could do him a favor and help him out". His story was that apparently he...
  5. EarlM

    Road trip from RP to Loretto via HWY 5 & HWY 1

    Hello everyone. We are planning a two day road trip in about a month from Rocky Point to Loretto (Two-thirds down Baja on the Sea of Cortez side). From my research it looks like we can take the coastal highway from Puerto Penasco Northwest to Mexico Highway 5 and then South to Mexico Highway...